Finnish VoIP Network Leader IXO Systems Succeeds In Competitive Market Using Flexible PortaOne Platforms

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PortaBilling100 Billing & Customer Management and PortaSIP Call Control Packages Are Core Elements of Company’s Offerings to Wholesale and Residential Customers

PortaOne today announced its PortaBilling100 and PortaSIP products have been installed as core technologies in the VoIP infrastructure of IXO Systems Oy, a Porvoo, Finland-based provider of IP-based telephony and multimedia services for resellers and service providers as well as retail customers. Using PortaOne’s products, IXO Systems is able to quickly generate a broad range of customer-facing features and services that help keep it atop the Finnish and Russian telecom marketplaces.

Founded in 2005 and acquired by a team of international telecom experts earlier this year, IXO Systems provides turnkey solutions enabling service providers and resellers of all sizes to go to market with state-of-the-art VoIP networks and/or product offerings. The company also provides wholesale VoIP trunking and DID (Direct Inward Dial) services. The retail division, IziVox, offers SIP telephony and related services for residential and business customers in Finland, Russia and elsewhere.

The variety of IP telecom segments in which we operate demands a communications infrastructure that is not only reliable and scalable, but also able to respond to a constantly changing VoIP market landscape. With PortaBilling and PortaSIP, IXO and IziVox have both gained a reputation for innovative and proactive solutions. With these software platforms, PortaOne supports us with regular feature upgrades and exceptionally short time-to-market.”

Alexei Palii, Chief Technical Officer of IXO Systems

PortaBilling100, PortaOne’s carrier-grade service management and converged VoIP billing software platform, allows IP telephony providers to launch, price and provision their services immediately. PortaBilling100 uses a real-time authorization, authentication and VoIP billing engine to provide AAA services via the RADIUS protocol. It supports Caller-ID (ANI) based billing, information on priority-based and least-cost routing, CDR processing, and advanced statistics such as cost/revenue and ASR. PortaBilling100 can also be used by wholesale VoIP carriers who terminate VoIP calls for other providers.

PortaSIP, a class 4/5 softswitch, supports IXO’s service model by allowing instant messaging, call parking, group pickup, NAT transversal and other advanced calling capabilities. With PortaSIP, services that combine elements from telephony and other Web applications such as e-mail, messaging, Internet and video streaming can be easily created. The product’s short planning and implementation cycle allows it to respond quickly to market changes.

IXO Systems is unique in its insistence on technologies that are robust, inherently compatible, and built to answer the needs of people in the real world. PortaBilling100 and PortaSIP, combined with our open and responsive technical support team, provide the flexibility IXO Systems seeks. PortaSIP and PortaBilling100 give IXO Systems a unified, customizable core infrastructure from which to serve its diverse and growing mix of customers.”

Roman Khalenkov, PortaOne Sales and Marketing Director
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