PortaOne Announces PortaSwitch Support For GotVoice, Enabling VoIPProviders To Offer Voicemail-To-Text

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GotVoice Combines Unparalleled Voicemail Transcription Accuracy with Delivery To Email or Wireless Devices; Telcos Gain New Revenue Stream, Competitive Advantage

PortaOne, Inc. today announced the successful integration between its PortaSwitch IP multimedia subsystem and the GotVoice G2 voicemail transcription platform. With GotVoice, VoIP providers using PortaSwitch can now reliably offer their subscribers the ability to read their voicemails and process the information instantly.

GotVoice, available to carriers on a pay-as-you-go basis, is a revolutionary technology designed specifically to convert voicemail into text. Having already processed millions of messages, the GotVoice service provides the highest voicemail-to-text quality in the industry.

The addition of GotVoice gives PortaSwitch users a highly flexible and strategic service option.  GotVoice can create a new revenue stream as a value-add for subscribers, or it can be offered at no cost as a way to attract or retain customers. In whichever form, this service is a unique differentiator—one with proven and lasting appeal for both business and non-business users in today’s competitive VoIP marketplace.”

Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne

The integrated GotVoice offering with the PortaSwitch platform requires no infrastructure upgrades or capital outlays, making it an affordable complement that’s easily enabled. PortaSwitch, a software-based communication services and subscriber management solution, lets IP telephony service providers unify their voice, data and fax traffic within a single network. The comprehensive, Class 5 product consists of a softswitch and application servers, delivering SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and IP PBX, voice VPN, callback management, conferencing, billing and provisioning and much more.

One of the highest marketing priorities for any VoIP provider is to set itself apart from its competitors by offering valuable services that people want. The combination of PortaSwitch and GotVoice clearly satisfies this need. PortaSwitch users will also appreciate the rapid time-to-market assured by the integration between both of our platforms.”

Colin Lamont, vice president of marketing for GotVoice

Carriers who employ GotVoice as a revenue-generating service are free to create billing plans with any number of options. Voicemail-to-text services can be charged on a per-use, monthly or unlimited basis; in addition, PortaSwitch will support additional options including discounts and packages based on bundled services. PortaSwitch is able to display charges in real-time via the Web on the subscriber’s account page, as well as in a monthly bill.

PortaOne will be exhibiting at Internet Telephony Expo (IT EXPO) East on February 2-4, 2009, Booth 826 in the Miami Beach Convention Center; to initiate the unique GotVoice offering within PortaSwitch, contact either company.

About GotVoice, Inc.

A pioneer in the integration of voice messaging services, GotVoice enables the convergence of everyday voice into the digital world. Its patented white label communications platform empowers consumers, businesses and service providers to receive, consume and unify voice communications utilizing email clients, through their mobile phone interface or via the GotVoice Website. With popular features such as Voicemail-to-Text, Visual Voicemail, the ability to share voice messages as digital audio files and the unification of wireless, landline, PBX and VoIP voicemail, GotVoice makes seamless communication possible, anywhere. Founded in 2003 by industry veterans with backgrounds from RealNetworks, Microsoft, Starwave, AT&T and Corbis, GotVoice works with all major business and residential carriers.
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