PortaOne Announces PortaSwitch Interoperability With DIDWW’s Global Direct Inward Dialing Solutions

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Compatibility of DIDWW with PortaOne’s VoIP Billing/Subscriber Management Platform Assures Service Providers of Reliable DID/Virtual Number Capability in Over 60 Countries

PortaOne and DIDWW today announced the successful completion of interoperability testing between PortaOne’s PortaSwitch VoIP billing/subscriber management platform with DIDWW’s global Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access solutions. Together, the two companies are able to assure telecom carriers and resellers of a complete, end-to-end DID service lineup in over 60 countries on five continents.

The interoperability of DIDWW with PortaSwitch brings additional value to resellers and greatly simplifies operations for carriers and service providers using PortaSwitch. As a software-based communications services and subscriber management platform, PortaSwitch lets IP telephony service providers deliver a wide variety of business models quickly and flexibly. The comprehensive, Class 5 product includes a softswitch and application servers, and provides billing and provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and IP PBX, voice VPN, callback management, conferencing and more.

In an age when simplicity in call dialing is more important than ever, DIDWW offers an indispensable suite of services to providers and end users. We’re pleased that DIDWW’s infrastructure is proven to operate seamlessly with PortaSwitch, as it will deliver valuable new options to PortaSwitch customers.”

Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne

DIDWW is always seeking software and platform vendors from around the world who offer best-of-breed technology that complements DIDWW’s products. The combined expertise in VoIP products and systems of PortaOne and DIDWW, as well as our two companies’ in-depth industry experience, allows us to deliver proven, interoperable and complete solutions to our customers.”

Yuri Krichevsky, CTO at DIDWW


DIDWW, based in Ireland, is recognized as a leading provider of a wide range of reliable, stable and high-quality innovative origination products, including DID access on a worldwide basis. The company’s global infrastructure is specifically designed to handle origination services with full redundancy and to provide their customers with access to premium network resources. By offering virtual local numbers in over 60 countries, DIDWW provides true competitive advantage to global voice carriers, resellers and integrators.
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