Telecom's B2B Business "Skyrockets" Thanks To PortaSwitch Customer Self-Provisioning

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PortaOne's Softswitch/Billing Management Platform Transforms Business Model for Telecom Wholesaler CNSI by Enabling Resellers to Configure Their Own Services

The path to telecom success is rarely a straight one. Smart providers watch the market carefully, evolving their business as the world - and their customers' needs - change, sometimes virtually overnight.

French telecom CNSI has grown since its inception in 2004 precisely through this approach. It has courageously stepped into the future when needed, shifting from its roots as a data security services company into the telecom realm. Today it implements strong direct and wholesale VoIP communications solutions for mid-to-large corporate customers using three key value-adds:

  • one-stop services,
  • mastery of both voice and data technologies, and
  • total customization wherever needed.

As Romain Besse, CNSI's president, explained, his company came to a crossroads in 2009 when it started outgrowing its existing VoIP infrastructure.

Our previous platform was not scalable. But other issues arose as well. It was growing increasingly unreliable and unstable; moreover, it had no capability for direct reseller access, which was something we wanted to implement. We knew it was time to find a platform that could support our future growth.”

Romain Besse, CNSI's president

In 2010, after an extensive search, CNSI selected the PortaSwitch convergent softswitch and subscriber management software from PortaOne to drive its next phase of business.

PortaSwitch offered an all-inclusive package for both call delivery and billing. We also liked PortaOne's product strategy. PortaSwitch, as well as other products in the PortaOne line, can grow along with the processing power of our servers. Since PortaSwitch licenses are unlimited, we won’t outgrow the product over time.”
Romain Besse, CNSI's president

PortaSwitch, designed specifically for fast-growing telecoms, is a complete package enabling next-generation telecommunications services. The platform reliably handles all the call control, routing, proxying, and billing functions required of a diversified digital services company.

Our research found that PortaSwitch is the only solution offering a Class 4/5 softswitch with integrated billing and Centrex, at a very competitive price.”

Romain Besse, CNSI's president

Just two days after the start of PortaSwitch implementation, CNSI was able to define its feature set and put its new platform into service. But Besse and his technical team were quickly impressed by PortaSwitch’s reliability as well.

Even more consequential, however, was the self-provisioning aspect of the platform. Thanks to PortaSwitch's unique subscriber management capabilities, CNSI was able to give resellers and other wholesale partners full autonomy on provisioning and configuring their own customers. “Once we did that, our B2B branch skyrocketed,” Besse said.

In August 2013, after three years of considerable growth, CNSI migrated to PortaSwitch Procinctus, PortaOne's fully redundant product, optimized with MySQL database servers. Besse believes that CNSI’s embrace of PortaSwitch has been one of the best moves his company has made in recent years.

We’re a real-world example of how a small company can become big if it invests in the right technical infrastructure. Instead of fixing bugs and struggling to scale our technology, we’re able to focus on the business side. PortaSwitch has given us that luxury.”

Romain Besse, CNSI's president

About PortaSwitch

I can report that PortaSwitch generated few-to-zero technical issues. We were able to reduce the number of support tickets and actually transferred some of our support specialists to B2B partner training, which resulted in a sales increase. Every six to eight weeks we have also seen new features coming out, which adds real competitive value to our offerings.”

Romain Besse, CNSI President
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