After Nearly Ten Years, Powerfully Scalable PortaSwitch Procinctus Still Driving VoIP Growth For Backbone Solutions AG

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Open Architecture, Adaptability, All-in-One Design and Steady Scalability: PortaOne’s Premium VoIP Platform Now Serving Tens of Thousands of Backbone VoIP Customers

From its earliest days, Backbone Solutions AG has staked its business success on technical superiority, exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and a diverse range of services. The integrated provider of VoIP and Internet services has grown over time by delivering on these core competencies - and for nearly the last nine years, at the center of a successful VoIP business that now serves nearly 30,000 residential and business customers, is PortaOne’s PortaSwitch Procinctus VoIP services and subscriber management platform.

PortaSwitch Procinctus has not only grown with us, it is one of the primary reasons we’ve been able to grow our VoIP customer base over time. It has allowed us to gradually improve the capacity and redundancy of our system as our needs have changed. We can also be unusually flexible in the services we provide because of the open access to the PortaSwitch source code. No other major vendor provides that capability.”

Michael Vontobel, CEO of Backbone Solutions AG

The true value in this product is that more than eight years ago, we started with PortaOne’s basic PortaSwitch product. As we grew we were able to seamlessly add elements and servers to support PortaSwitch Procinctus in 2010. This let us adapt to our subscriber additions with virtually no interruption in service.”
Michael Vontobel, CEO of Backbone Solutions AG

In addition to its business and residential customers, Backbone Solutions AG offers wholesale VoIP to Internet Service Provider (ISP) resellers. PortaSwitch Procinctus has the range to support this additional business as well.

PortaSwitch is the only product that combines a sophisticated Class 5 softswitch, carrier-grade billing, service provisioning, and customer management. With one comprehensive platform our operations are more automated, which saves on staff costs. It also dramatically lowers the risk of human error. Perhaps best of all, we’re able to bring features and services to market extremely fast since there is no need for interoperability tests or costly integration projects.”

Michael Vontobel, CEO of Backbone Solutions AG

In 2009, Backbone Solutions AG began using a non-operational staging system to develop, test and train personnel on new VoIP services. The company enjoys a non-commercial PortaSwitch license from PortaOne for this system at no additional cost; the only requirement is that the system is covered by a subscription to PortaCare, PortaOne’s technical maintenance program.

PortaOne is a very professional, reliable technology partner that offers strong technical support. As we’ve grown over time, we’ve come to both enjoy and appreciate the experience of dealing with everyone at PortaOne.”

Michael Vontobel, CEO of Backbone Solutions AG

About PortaSwitch Procinctus

PortaSwitch Procinctus is PortaOne’s premium-level solution for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) that delivers a high capacity, fully redundant and converged VoIP infrastructure. It combines a VoIP softswitch, customer provisioning, billing, as well as unified voice, data, fax, content, SMS, and WiFi traffic, all within a single converged network.
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