PortaSwitch-based service to support small- and medium-sized businesses


While the world is looking for the COVID-19 vaccine, Dzinga, a business communications service provider, has offered treatment for small- and medium-sized businesses to support them during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

ANTI COVID-19 is a package of cloud services designed to enable remote offices for sales, support, and marketing teams. Starting from mid-March, ANTI COVID-19 is available for free 90 days after the registration date.


Dzinga offers cloud PBX solutions for companies based in Central and Eastern Europe. The PBX functionality includes more than 50 calls processing features for sales teams (e.g., multichannel mobile and landline numbers, multi-level IVR, calling groups and custom prompts, forwarding, recording, history and analytics of calls, audio conferencing, webphone, cloud workplace, etc.). Dzinga’s cloud PBX can be integrated with popular CRM and marketing software (HubSpot, YClients, Get Response, etc.). Apart from that, telco provides integration of customized call-back widgets. “The goal is to help our clients master their sales calling by the means of telecommunication services,” says Aleksandrs Dolmatovs, Dzinga’s Product Owner. The service is powered by PortaSwitch.

ANTI COVID-19 is Dzinga’s tariff plan previously known as Small. It covers the full functionality of Dzinga’s services and is limited only by the number of authorized users, phone lines, and call-back widgets, the volume of outbound voice traffic. Before the pandemic, the tariff plan was offered for a monthly fee of EUR16 per user. Starting March 20, it’s provided for free; payment is expected only for extra features.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most businesses to switch to a work-from-home mode. Our ANTI-COVID package is a way to support those companies that didn’t have remote office functionalities before. Also, it’s an easy start for those that are beginning their business operations and seek to save costs in any possible way.

Aleksandrs Dolmatovs, Dzinga’s Product Owner

It takes less than an hour to configure the settings and start using the service. According to Aleksandrs, ANTI COVID-19 is Dzinga’s way to help businesses overcome the economic crisis. “We see it as charity but for sure it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for PortaOne’s licensing model, with no additional fees per user, subscriber, or a concurrent call. It allows us to be more flexible and even help others.”

This is one more example of PortaSwitch-based services aimed to support people and businesses during the pandemic. Contact us to learn more about PortaSwitch and how telcos are benefiting from PortaOne’s software.

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