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Can one fully open cloud UCaaS platform can solve 4 of the biggest issues faced by UCaaS providers and provide billing? Yes it can!

Watch this video to know more about PortaSwitch, our unlimited license, and our pricing.

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Our license is unlimited in terms of features and modules, and our pricing is simple, based on a single metric (e.g., number of CDRs). We encourage and empower operators to integrate and build around our platform – we provide REST APIs, low-code workflow programming, web hooks to external systems, and even the source code.

If you are an ISP, MVNO/MVNE, wholesale carrier, or NGN operator, our integrated platform will help you launch new services quickly. And even if you already have a big, monstrous existing system, you can launch PortaSwitch in the cloud for any separate small projects. Or, use it for rapid deployment network slicing (a next generation of MVNO), as each slice will need its own provisioning and billing.

Video transcript

I’m Dmytro from PortaOne. Whenever a business is looking for a unified communication solution that will simply connect people via voice, video, and messaging, we at PortaOne know what kind of issues they have to deal with before making a wise decision.

4 key issues businesses face when seeking a UCaaS solution

Issue number one is about having the UCaaS platform integrated with billing.

Issue number two is caused by ambiguous licensing that has hidden costs and poses a threat to profitability.

Issue number three is faced when businesses try to integrate their UCaaS solution into the existing ecosystem. Often, they have to rely on their software vendors to do such costly integrations for them.

And finally there is issue number four: the challenge of achieving seamless scalability with legacy solutions. This makes it almost impossible to maintain your growth dynamics with the existing on-prime solution.

Still wondering what alternatives exist for you?

For over two decades, PortaOne has been developing PortaSwitch: an open UCaaS platform that is fully integrated with billing that ensures  online charging for voice, video calls, and messaging.

It’s a single platform to deliver features for each experience directly to your customers’ browsers, web applications, or even desk phones.

Our license is unlimited in terms of features and modules, with pricing based on a single metric, for example, the CDR number that the telco generates monthly.

When it comes to innovations, PortaOne encourages telcos to build around a single platform. PortaOne will provide RESTful APIs, low code programming engine, webhooks, and even the source code.

More importantly, we enable telcos to move UCaaS fully to the public cloud. PortaOne provides the infrastructure that will ensure high-level ability and load balancing of your services, and makes it possible to save on capital-expense investments into hardware, and to scale up when the business grows.

We have already helped 490+ operators across the word to quickly launch new services with the PortaOne open UCaaS platform.

If you are an MVNO/MVNE, ISP, or even wholesale, our fully integrated open UCaaS platform will help you launch new services quickly. Even if you already have a big system, PortaOne can help you launch other projects, or smaller ones, or you may use it for a rapid deployment network license. This is another generation of MVNO, as each slice will need its own provisioning and billing.

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