22 March 2021

Webinar: Let the new cloud PBX onboarding wizard save your time, free up your experienced engineers, and increase your efficiency

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How much time and resources do you usually invest when you’re creating a PBX environment for a new customer? Whether you’re configuring the settings from scratch or migrating from a legacy system, it likely takes you at least half a day – along with a whole lot of money when you need to involve a senior PortaSwitch expert.

We want to save you that cost and hassle, so we’ve created a tool for easy, nearly automated settings provisioning in PortaSwitch. With our new cloud PBX onboarding wizard, you can do it all in a few clicks (10 to 30, we counted!), with no engineering experience required. That means you can focus more of your time on making a profit, and outsource tasks like provisioning to junior personnel, resellers, or even end customers.

Join our webinar to see a wizard live demo and learn how it can help with:

  • Entering basic customer info
  • Choosing a package of services for each extension
  • Choosing the main number from available inventory
  • Creating hunt groups, extensions, and call queues
  • Setting up an auto-attendant
  • Adding more DIDs
  • Adding new extensions, and updating settings for existing customers

You’ll also see an easy live demonstration of all three options for provisioning data to PortaSwitch:

  • From an order placed by your clients (for when you need to upload settings from a third-party system like CRM)
  • Uploading extensions from a CSV file
  • Importing settings from a customizable provisioning template

We based our UCaaS wizard on the visual low-code Boomi Flow, meaning it’s easy to understand and maintain even for those who have no engineering or programming experience. Even better, it allows you to create integrations with other applications and systems – for example, to interact with your local Number Portability management or ticketing system.

There’s no need to update your platform since the functionality of the wizard isn’t placed in the code of a specific release. And it has other benefits, too:

  • Increase your operational efficiency by onboarding hosted PBX environments much quicker
  • Minimize your manual workload
  • Outsource onboarding to junior personnel, your resellers, or even the end customer

And we’ll cover even more!



Klaus Haertel,
Director of Strategic
Alliances and Channel
Sales, PortaOne
Dmytro Lavraniuk,
Business Analyst,
Sergii Kirik,
Senior Project Manager
& Boomi Professional Developer

Date and time:

March 25, 2021

Mexico City - 9:00 am
New York - 11:00 am
São Paulo - 12:00 pm
London - 3:00 pm
Western / Central Europe - 4:00 pm
Eastern Europe - 5:00 pm
Dubai - 7:00 pm


We hold an open Q&A session at the end of each webinar, but if you want us to cover any particular issues, please send your questions to webinar@portaone.com. We’ll be glad to answer them.

Note: During the conference, your microphones will be muted, but you can always type your questions via chat during the live Q&A.

See you at the webinar!



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