26 October 2020

PortaOne partners with CallCabinet to enhance call recording offering and expand CSPs’ revenue potential for value-added services


PortaOne clients can now offer all of the enhanced call recording and analytic capabilities that their business and enterprise customers are demanding.


Call recording is an increasingly important value-added service – and legislation that requires the long-term storage and encryption of calls (related, for example, to certain financial matters) makes it even more so. PortaOne has partnered with CallCabinet, a popular cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS solution that stores call records in a secure, encrypted and compliant format for as long as needed. It even offers voice analytics services to help pull business-critical insights from those records.

PortaSwitch already provides call recording capability, but we cannot guarantee that the service is compliant with regulatory demands in specific countries since the requirements (such as certain grade of encryption, etc.) vary. With CallCabinet, records are securely stored in the cloud with military-grade 256-bit rotating encryption and can be saved for as long as the CSP’s customers want, whether to meet regulatory demands or to satisfy their unique business needs. With CallCabinet, CSPs also acquire powerful additional features for supervising agents’ performance and increasing customer satisfaction. This involves custom-designed metrics for monitoring, tools for content analysis, including AI-driven voice analytics that measure conversation pace, volume, pitch, tonality, and track specific keywords – all compliant with current regulatory requirements, which also means that sensitive personal data will be deleted from the call recordings to prevent exposure and theft.

Our partnership with CallCabinet illustrates the flexible integration capabilities of PortaSwitch as a core communication services platform. Innovative VAS services such as CallCabinet’s Atmos, can easily plug into the service provider’s core network to offer compelling communications products for today’s business and enterprise customers. From now on, our clients can provide a wide range of high-value call recording and analytic services – seamlessly, and without integration efforts.

Klaus Haertel, Director of Strategic Alliances and Channel Sales, PortaOne

CallCabinet’s partnership with PortaOne was a natural choice for both organizations. We are confident our industry-leading cloud platform will enhance business-critical operations for PortaOne’s PortaSwitch business customers. CallCabinet’s seamless integration, unique native cloud architecture, along with a significantly reduced total cost of ownership, delivers best-of-breed compliance call recording, AI-voice analytics, quality assurance, and agent evaluation solutions to global enterprises without complications.

Ron Romanchik, Chief Revenue Officer, CallCabinet

This new solution offers so many promising benefits:

  • Increases CSP’s revenue potential by offering their customers a premium, high-margin value-added service. Telcos can offer varied rates for each customer, based on the volume of the stored records or storage length.
  • Easily reaches new market segments that depend on communication analytics (legal/HR/financial verticals, call centers, and more).
  • Gives customers confidence that they are meeting their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Get in touch to find out more about our new partnership with CallCabinet and what this integration can do for you. We’ll be happy to chat about any questions you may have.



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