3 February 2021

List your custom development and generate new revenue on the PortaOne iPaaS Marketplace

Our CSP clients have created so many impressive examples of custom PortaSwitch add-ons: payment gateways, sign-up and self-care portals, provisioning profiles for IP phones, and more. If you’ve developed one of these apps yourself, you know how much investment and effort it takes – both in developing the code, and in paying programmers to support the app once it’s created. But what if you could recoup those costs, and even start earning profit from your app every month?


Now you can, by becoming a PortaOne app partner. Our iPaaS cloud marketplace will give you visibility, put your app in front of other PortaOne clients, and open up a brand-new revenue source.

Any telco or vendor that has created a PortaSwitch extension or add-on can become an app partner and list their apps on the PortaOne iPaaS Marketplace. For every CSP subscribing to your app, you earn revenue every month, creating an ongoing revenue stream. So the next time you invest in programming and support to develop a new add-on app, you'll also be investing into a future source of recurring revenue.

All CSP clients of PortaOne, meanwhile, will have access to a growing catalog of value-added apps that can increase their bottom line and improve their customer satisfaction rates. CSPs running recent software versions (MR85 or later) can add these apps to their platform in a matter of minutes. Even those running older releases – going back as far as MR55! – can connect their PortaSwitch to iPaaS without performing a system update. Some back-porting and patching of the iPaaS connector is required in this case, but should only take a few days.

Our first official iPaaS app partner is Snom, a leading global provider of professional VoIP phones and accessories. The PortaOne iPaaS Marketplace currently features add-ons for auto-provisioning five Snom devices, and as Snom releases new phones, provisioning apps for each one will be automatically added soon after the launch. For PortaOne clients that sell Snom devices, this means no more development fees and long waits – all a CSP has to do is subscribe to the relevant iPaaS apps. We recently held a webinar on our collaboration with Snom – you can watch the recording for details.

Join Snom now on our iPaaS Marketplace with your own PortaSwitch or PortaBilling add-on. Wondering which apps qualify and can be submitted to iPaaS? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Apps can be submitted on the condition that PortaOne has already enabled the relevant area of functionality (e.g., payment systems) via iPaaS
  • Apps (e.g., any kind of portal) must only use the API to communicate with the actual PortaBilling or PortaSIP of the client CSP – they cannot connect directly to the database
  • As apps will run in the cloud (not on the actual PortaSwitch of a CSP), they must be provided as isolated code in a Docker container
  • App partners won't have access to the client’s platform to troubleshoot issues with the purchased app – PortaOne support will deal with that – but they can always upload the new app versions to the PortaOne iPaaS Marketplace, which will then automatically update the app for all subscribed clients

Why use PortaOne iPaaS?

The PortaOne iPaaS Marketplace is win-win. For app partners, it makes their app visible to all PortaOne clients and generates recurring revenue from every CSP that subscribes to it. iPaaS Marketplace listings are free of charge, so app partners can gain access to the target audience for their apps with zero promotional costs.

For CSPs, the iPaaS Marketplace is a convenient source for a wide range of telco-specific apps designed especially for PortaSwitch or PortaBilling. These apps will allow CSPs to address gaps in their solution portfolio, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue by adding new VAS options.

Interested in becoming an app partner? Contact us at partners@porta.one for all the technical and commercial details. We'll be happy to walk you through every step!



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