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How do you stand out in the crowded field of hosted PBX services? By providing value to your customers with CRM & MS Team integrations that they will love to use - improving their communication and saving them time and money

Go Integrator Pria by Mondago, available on PortaOne’s Add-on Mart, is a CRM integration that improves communications between businesses and customers and within teams. More efficient call distribution, increased professionalism, and time-saving automations.

We’re all looking for a way to distinguish ourselves these days, maintain current customers and gain new ones. PortaOne is also busy devising ways to help you become not just a telephony provider, but a solutions provider or a trusted consultant advisor on any sort of communications tools that your customers need.

Continue reading here for a concise written summary, or jump down to the video, available to you right here and now! Don’t delay in learning how you can offer your customers a tool which will increase their efficiency in communicating within the company and with customers. Allow them to feel more confident when answering calls and transferring them.

And happy, confident customers lead to long term relationships.

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This joint webinar was led by – from the PortaOne side – Klaus Haertel, Director, Channel and Alliances. And from the Mondago team:  Rob Cox – Sales & Marketing Director.

Quick reminder: we’re here to help YOU!

This webinar you are about to read about or watch is a prime example of the benefit of working closely with our PortaOne team. If you are considering some integration with PortaOne and some other platform, our collaboration can help make sure you find the best route from A to Z, avoiding missteps, unnecessary work, and expenses.

What is Go Integrator Pria

Rob Cox – Mondago Sales & Marketing Director – offers some background on  Mondago and their range of products known as Go Integrator, with Pria being a product specific to the PortaSwitch platform.  

Go Integrator Pria is meant to deliver telephony CRM integration among the many platforms that exist.

But beyond CRM integration, it enables better communication and awareness between team members with BLF (busy lamp field) and Microsoft Teams availability, plus a better experience between an employee and their customers.

Why our hosted PBX customers will benefit with Go Integrator Pria:

  • Make your brand stand out with a white label product or one made available for your platform through a cloud discovery mechanism. This provides a flexible solution in giving you a product which is customized to your needs
  • Eliminate complexity related to security concerns. This is a highly trusted solution thanks to the trust already established for the user to PortaSwitch and for the user to their CRM system
  • Have more control over your offering to your users with multiple user interfaces offerings (Tray Mode, AppBar, Preview Window, Call Toolbar). 

How your customers will benefit by using Go Integrator Pria

  • Increase customer satisfaction
    Professional handling/transferring of calls, identify and return missed calls, more in -depth integration to CRM systems and business applications
  • Save money
    Reduce call times, number of calls and call changes
  • Increase staff productivity and collaboration
    For businesses with a high volume of inbound/outbound calls this is ideal. It integrates with 60+ CRMs out of the box and another 200 upon request. And staff can see which teammates are available (or not).

How it works

Key features within the desktop UI:

  1. Caller preview –  immediately see the caller’s name, company name and notes from the CRM
  2. Contact popping – view additional contact data within the CRM client
  3. Contact call and edit –  insert or amend contact data in the CRM database
  4. Activity logging – write call event transaction log data into the CRM history
  5. Click-to-dial – return a call without having to type out each number. 

Rob walks viewers through several demos which answer a lot of common problems: 

  • “Can I actually transfer a call to a teammate at this point in time?”
  • “Who is calling me right now?”
  • “How to quickly access customer details?”
  • “How can I update or edit customer information or history?”

Go Integrator Pria also has Microsoft Teams integration that allows you to use the presence screen within the application to quickly and easily see both the call status and the Microsoft Team’s availability of users in your organization.

What’s next / How to get Go Integrator Pria


  1. There will be a beta version in September, and new versions released October, and November, free for users and their customers. 
  2. There is a planned launch in December.

To get onboard now:

  1. Head on over to the Add-on Mart sign-up
  2. After signup, activate Go Integrator Pria through our Add-on Mart self-care portal 
  3. Or simply talk to your PortaOne account manager and get them involved right away

***Requirement to participate is MR100 with plans to extend this to MR90 in the near future.

Questions and Answers session

Q: Does Go Integrator Pria have the app bar?

A: Yes. There’s another alternative to the system tray menu which is more like a windows bar itself and you can dock it to the right hand side it’s an even more accessible way.

Q: When the toolbar Go Integrator Pria is not active or closed and you receive a call will you still get a screen pop in the tray for incoming calls?

A: Yes, as long as you don’t turn off the preview window or you’ve had the preview window enabled then whenever you receive a call you will get that pop-up so you’ll always get an offer notification. Additionally it will always update the presence so if you’ve got presence open or you open presents then it’s going to reflect the latest present state of your co-workers.

Q: When a call is initiated from Go Integrator Pria but the deskphone (for instance, Yealink) is set up as the preferred device, will it also update the presence/status in Teams also?

A: Yes, Go Integrator Pria will update Teams “Status/Presence” using a Microsoft beta feature. This feature has not been made permanent yet so this may change in the future.

Q: When the Go Integrator Pria window is not active and app mode is set as Teams or Teams is closed in this case do we get notified about incoming calls?

A: If there’s a device configured against the user on PortaOne then Go Integrator Pria will know about that device. And if there’s a ringing event on that device your preview window is going to pop up and let you know there’s a call coming in. So you’ll always get notified of a call as long as the device is configured against the user on PortaSwitch.

Q: Can PortaPhone be selected as a preferred device in Go Integrator Pria?

A: Yes. Although this has not been verified yet, this will be done in the next few weeks and then we can update this information.

Q: How many CRMs are supported?

A: There are about 60 CRMs supported out-of-the-box with an additional 200+ available through additional configuration. Some currently supported CRMs include Salesforce, Zoho, Dynamics, ConnectWise, Sage, SugarCRM.

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