Telcos Make The Leap To The Cloud For Critical Apps
On February 11, PortaOne's CTO gave an interview for Forbes magazine about the new standard of telco infrastructure operations

In the article, “Telcos Make The Leap To The Cloud For Critical Apps,” Andriy Zhylenko shares his view of the cloud migration in the industry and the success story behind the deployment of PortaBilling BSS and PortaSwitch UCaaS platforms in the Oracle cloud.

The cloud-based version of PortaBilling (for account management, billing and service provisioning) and PortaSwitch (to connect phone calls between one customer and another across networks) uses the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The “bare metal” servers in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provide unsurpassed network throughout and allow to maintain consistent quality of the real-time voice / video traffic.

Key features of the cloud option:

  1. Increased agility for entering new markets and adding new services using:
    • a cloud-based model where each customer receives its own set of dedicated computing resources and isolated network, and
    • a hybrid model, in which a company’s main site is on the premises and newer, additional sites run in the cloud.
  2. Rapid scalability.
  3. Smooth, gradual updates (launch an additional installation in the cloud and then migrate subscribers in batches, starting with a small set of pilot customers). It leads to the reduced risk, a faster launch for new services and with more confidence thanks to having enough time to observe customers and address any issue detected.
  4. Instead of taking months, a telco can roll out a ready-to-use platform in a new market within a day.

Read more in the original article by Alan Zeichick, the director of strategic communications for Oracle, and contact us via to start migration of your telco operations into the cloud.

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