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How can a telco move to the cloud when it needs to preserve a physical cable connection with its partners? PortaOne offers a unique solution to overcome this common challenge

Arqia (formerly Vodafone Brazil) provides both VoIP and IoT services to customers in Brazil. With PortaSwitch and PortaBilling deployed on the company’s physical servers, the company had reached maximum capacity: the limited hardware configuration of its system was making it difficult to meet the demands of increasing traffic. Scaling the infrastructure would require a lot of capital spending, and, since Arqia had to keep its physical cable connections with its partners, deploying the whole infrastructure entirely in the cloud simply wasn’t possible. In short, the company faced the same challenge that many telcos are facing today.

Read this article on the Oracle cloud infrastructure blog to learn about the hybrid solution we offered Arqia – a solution that used only a few servers to handle network connections in the data center, with the rest of the infrastructure deployed in the cloud. This mixed configuration of cloud deployment and physical servers provides a high performance level (in fact, tests show a 27% higher capacity than Arqia initially required!), and it has allowed the telco to easily scale while saving on hardware and maintaining its legacy physical interconnections with other carriers.

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