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CloudPBX Onboarding Wizard

Quickly set up a cloud PBX for a new customer based on their order that defines the number of phone lines, the chosen service packages, etc. PortaSwitch administrators can easily set up a customer’s existing PBX configuration:  extensions, hunt groups and DID numbers, auto-attendants, and more to simplify the migration. The order parameters (e.g., max number of phone lines) can be transmitted from a CRM based on a specific customer’s order or a common template (e.g., “10 phone lines and 1 auto-attendant”) can be used. This tool is based on Add-on Mart Workflows and allows the addition of new screens to collect additional information, e.g., for number porting, or low-code integrations with external systems, e.g., a request to ERP to ship phones to the customer.
Pricing usage metrics: An instance is a single installation of the iPaaS app with an unlimited number of endpoints or users. A single instance is often associated to a single brand/whitelabel.

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