PortaSwitch Achieves Certified Interoperability With Colt VoIP Telephony Systems

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PortaOne Users Now Able to Make Assured SIP Interconnect to the Colt VoIP Network; Flexibility of PortaSwitch Infrastructure Allows High Degree of Customization

WorldCall, a Belgium-based provider of VoIP infrastructure services, and PortaOne, maker of the PortaSwitch VoIP infrastructure system, today announced that PortaSwitch has been formally certified for interoperability with the VoIP network offering from Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform. WorldCall, a major PortaSwitch user, supplied essential technical resources to ensure successful completion of the interoperability testing.

With the certification, PortaSwitch users worldwide are now able to make assured SIP interconnection to the proprietary, Intranet-based VoIP network of Colt, one of the world’s largest Tier 1 VoIP operators. PortaSwitch is now published as a formally certified PBX (Private Branch eXchange) solution within Colt.

Long considered one of the industry’s most reliable and scalable call management systems, PortaSwitch is an integrated package that includes a class 4/5 SIP softswitch, billing and provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex, callback management, conferencing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), conferencing and more. The platform is capable of handling the complete call control and converged VoIP billing functions of a diversified digital services company.

Today’s announcement offers an unusually attractive new alternative to any PortaSwitch user seeking to reliably connect to Colt VoIP Access. PortaSwitch interoperability allows these users to establish direct SIP interconnect with any Colt regional office worldwide, without additional effort. Together, these systems will provide one of the most robust, dependable and feature-rich VoIP PBX solutions on the market today.”

Alex Grichine, WorldCall Manager

At PortaOne, our mission is to deliver the ultimate in reliability to our corporate partners and their end users. Certified interoperability with Colt’s Intranet VoIP is one more way we can extend that trust to the farthest reaches of their telephony systems. We’re grateful to WorldCall for initiating the process that made this important interoperability possible.”

Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director for PortaOne

WorldCall, a diversified VoIP services provider with customers in 43 countries, has enhanced PortaSwitch with its own set of proprietary services. Chief among these is Porta Toolbox, a suite that includes intelligent, real-time call routing and cost/revenue reporting. WorldCall has also developed a callshop billing system for PortaSwitch that supports push-to-talk, pre-paid and post-paid call scenarios and a multi-language user interface, among other features.

About Colt

Colt, with more than 35,000 enterprise customers in 21 European countries, is a leading provider of communications and networked IT services. The company uses a dedicated, private VoIP network to deliver its converged voice and data. All outbound destinations, whether national or international fixed or mobile numbers, are supported, as well as value-added numbers and pagers.
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