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PortaOne has reached a deal with SJ Labs, US-based specialist in VoIP software, to integrate their flagship software products to create an on-demand ‘media-over-IP’ solution for internet telephony service providers (ITSPs). SJ Labs will integrate its SJphone product, a customisable on-line softphone, with the PortaSwitch (PortaBilling/PortaSIP) products from PortaOne, which enables efficient implementation of billing solutions for ITSPs. The alliance was announced at the Spring VON conference in San Jose, California.

As the direct-to-consumer Internet telephony market increases in the coming years, easy-to-use on-demand services will be central to the provisioning and delivery of voice-over-IP (VoIP) services, as well as data and video services, ranging from videoconferencing to Internet chat.

The combination of SJphone and PortaSwitch makes for a powerful one-stop solution for all kinds of Internet telephony service providers. We have hundreds of customers around the world, of all sizes, that need flexible billing solutions for their services, and PortaOne provides a simple way for them to combine our software for any types of new services for which they want to bill and manage for their customers.”

Vladimir Greysukh, CEO of SJ Labs

Also at VON, SJ Labs also announced new features for its SJphone, including support for Video and a Jabber-based Internet Messaging Program (IMP).

The advanced capabilities of our PortaSwitch software are fully complemented by SJ Labs so that customers can quickly add new features for their customers and know that they are being managed and billed, with no down-time. As with the SJ Labs softphone, customers pay only for a one-time perpetual license for our product, and its cost does not depend on number of calls, ports, or customers. A customized training and six months of 24/7 technical support and maintenance are also included in the price.”

Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director for PortaOne

SJphone Basic is the first customizable on-line softphone for Internet, offering full-scale voice support, even over regular dial-up Internet lines. The product is targeted at smaller-to-mid-size ITSPs, who can easily download and integrate the product and can be up and running in minutes.

Designed as a cost-effective VoIP client solution that can be branded, provisioned, and distributed with minimal support, SJphone Basic is upgradeable to fully-featured SJphone Premium which offers business telephony functions, rich voice and video conferencing, integration with business applications and more for a wide range of customers, including ITSPs, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and online community portals.

SJ Labs has been recognized as one of the premier VoIP software developers in the industry, providing reliable, high-quality products for hundreds of ITSPs around the globe, including some of the industry’s best-known carriers. As the VoIP market becomes a more common way for customers to make and receive voice and video calls, the SJphone software will enable a host of new service features and products to come to market.

The SJphone Basic product can be easily downloaded from the SJ Labs Web site and launched with minimal customer support. The Web-based basic product includes customization, integration, branding and advanced features. The SJphone product costs as little as $1,999 USD for an unlimited annual license.

The SJphone Premium product, intended for large ITSPs and OEMs that require deep re-branding, significant support and integration and demand advanced features not available in the basic version. Pricing varies on the scale of customer deployment, and is available on an annual license with support or as a one-time license with annual support and maintenance. Professional services are available for contract integration.

For more information on SJ Labs and the SJActivePhone products, call 866-SJLABS1 (866-755-2271). International callers should dial +1-440-519-1520

About SJ Labs

SJ Labs is the world’s leader in VoIP client software, winning numerous industry awards over the years. Founded in 1999 and based in Solon, Ohio with research and development based in St. Petersburg, Russia and the U.S., the SJ Labs platform has hundreds of man-years of development and has been deployed for more than five years. The SJ Labs client software has been used and downloaded by more than 2 million users. For more information, visit the company Web site at www.sjlabs.com.

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