Press Release: PortaOne, Tilts Visiem Complete Interoperability Tests to Provide Integrated Solutions for ITSP

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The Tilts Visiem’s softphone and instant messaging products integrate with PortaOne billing, softswitch, and unified messaging platform for ITSPs.

Stockholm, Sweden, June 12, 2007.
- PortaOne Inc., a leading global communications software infrastructure vendor, and Tilts Visiem, a Latvia-based specialist in softphone and instant messaging technology, today announced at VON Europe Spring 2007 the completion of interoperability tests between the companies’ products.

With these products, ITSPs can now use carrier grade billing and switching solutions combined with innovative softphone technology. The combination of TiVi Phone and PortaSwitch makes for a strong one-stop solution for various types of Internet telephony service providers.

PortaOne is a clear leader in billing software market, and we are excited to collaborate by supplying TiVi softphone products along with PortaBilling100 as all-in-one package.”

Ivo Kutts, director at Tilts Visiem

Service providers that chose our robust yet flexible software will seamlessly apply TiVi Phone with PortaBilling100 and PortaSIP to instantly create unique product offerings to their customers. Through relationships with young and ambitious companies like Tilts Visiem, PortaOne continues to fulfill its commitment to developing innovative and flexible solutions that enable modern service providers to deliver integrated telecommunication experience to the market place while avoiding high capital requirements.”

Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director at PortaOne

About PortaBilling100

PortaBilling100 is a carrier-grade VoIP billing and customer management platform that enables IP telephony providers to launch, price and provision their services immediately. Being a part of PortaSwitch, an IP multimedia subsystem that also includes a class 5 softswitch and unified messaging application, PortaBilling100 is provided with unlimited perpetual license, source code, on-site training, and 6 months of 24/7 technical support and upgrades.

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About PortaOne, Inc.

PortaOne is a leading global communications infrastructure vendor enabling Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) and voice network operators to quickly and efficiently implement, manage and deliver a wide range of billing solutions for IP telephony services. The company’s products provide a comprehensive range of applications, including Hosted PBX, IP Centrex, and Voice VPN. Established in 1997, PortaOne is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with sales, support, and development offices around the globe.

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About Tilts Visiem and TiVi Phone

Tilts Visiem is innovative, technologically experienced IT company that specialises in development of VoIP applications and server software according to customers’ specifications. Most popular product is TiVi softphone - a SIP client. TiVi Phone is a high-quality voice, video, messaging and video streaming software, targeted towards the new generation of mobile phones supporting WiFi and 3G, with SIP as the core protocol for integrated messaging, voice and video calling. TiVi Phone is tested and used commercially on the mobile devices manufactured by Nokia (series E and N), HTC (iMate), Palm, HP, Asus, Motorola and Samsung. TiVi Phone is also available for Windows PC and MacOs platforms.

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