PortaBilling Oracularius Provides Next Gen Voice Services Gateway To Southeast Asia

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PortaOne's Most Powerful Billing/Customer Management Platform Lets Packet One Networks Respond Nimbly to Market; Unlimited Perpetual Licensing Model Dramatically Lowers Costs

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. ("P1") like its home nation of Malaysia, is racing towards the future. To achieve its success, however, P1 had to overcome many technological obstacles. Among the most difficult was bridging Malaysia's legacy TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) infrastructure with next generation IP voice services.

According to Ti Lian Seng, P1's Chief Technology Officer, a new solution was needed.

We were finding it difficult to respond quickly to the marketplace. In 2011 we began looking for a new billing and customer management platform - something that would support not only both TDM and IP, but also product bundles like prepaid/postpaid voice, SMA, data and so on, not to mention comprehensive business support functions like billing and reporting. We needed something that would be future-proof for us."

Ti Lian Seng, P1's Chief Technology Officer

P1 found its solution later that year in PortaOne's PortaBilling Oracularius, a billing and customer management software product designed specifically for the needs of Tier 1 and large, fast-growing Tier 2 providers. The platform gives users a full complement of launching, pricing and provisioning capabilities combined with virtually unlimited scalability and reliability in Oracle Real Application Cluster environments.

PortaBilling Oracularius is a network-agnostic center of a Class 4/5 softswitch, featuring convergent billing capabilities and media applications all on a single platform. In one solution, we can support feature-rich, hosted IPPBX, prepaid calling cards, multi-level reseller and multitier rating functions and much more. Furthermore, PortaBilling Oracularius offers some powerful revenue assurance capabilities in terms of credit control, fraud management, and profit-guarantee routing functions. These capabilities help ensure the profitability of our business."

Ti Lian Seng, P1's Chief Technology Officer

Among the most unique revenue enhancement features Ti cited was the advanced prepaid billing function. This feature, a key part of any prepaid card business, addresses the issue of whether surcharges should affect the amount of available call time announced to the customer. The feature enables providers like P1 to tailor their notifications according to their particular service model.

Through the use of PortaBilling Oracularius, P1 is able to introduce product bundles and other emerging services to the marketplace in less time. It also saves labor costs and increases customer satisfaction through its self-management capabilities that allow customers and resellers to manage their accounts, and self-provision and activate services, all through one customer-centric self-care portal. As a subscriber to PortaOne's Premium PortaCare services, P1 receives excellent support, as pointed out by Ti.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of PortaBilling Oracularius to P1, however, is the platform's unlimited perpetual licensing model - something that Ti stated repeatedly as a means for P1 to reduce its cost of ownership over the long run. The embedded license for Oracle Real Application Cluster means that all required Oracle licenses are included in the cost of PortaBilling Oracularius, eliminating the need to renegotiate or reconfigure the platform as P1 grows.

About Packet One Networks

Since 2008, Packet One Networks has embraced and deployed 4G technology with an aggressiveness unlike any telco in the region. Today the company is considered one of Malaysia's startup successes, having won Red Herring Asia's Most Innovative Private Technology Company Award and Frost & Sullivan Malaysia's Telecom Award for Most Promising Service Provider of the Year.

PortaBilling Oracularius is a network-agnostic center of a Class 4/5 softswitch, featuring convergent billing capabilities and media applications all on a single platform. It helps us save costs in operation, launch more products with new features and bundles, and improve our cost controls. We believe it will remain an essential way for us to improve our revenues and profit margins into the future."
Ti Lian Seng, P1's Chief Technology Officer
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