PortaOne, MobileMax Announce Interoperability of Mobile Solutions Supporting International Calling/Billing

MobileMax and PortaOne interoperability

PortaSwitch IP Multimedia Subsystem and MobileMax Personal Edition Mobile Client Work Together to Create Reduced-Rate Option for Service Providers and Subscribers

COQUITLAM, British Columbia and PLANO, Texas, - Global communications infrastructure company PortaOne, Inc. and Mobilemax(TASE: MBMX)today announced the successful completion of interoperability testing between PortaOne's PortaSwitch software-based billing and customer management platform and the MobileMax Personal Edition Mobile Client. Together, the two technologies create an assured, end-to-end business solution that supports automatic and seamless least-cost international calls via virtually any popular mobile handset.

MobileMax Personal Edition Mobile Client is a client-side software application enabling wireless subscribers to make international calls from their handset with minimal keystrokes using a VoIP network, powered by PortaSwitch, instead of the mobile operator network. As a result the end user avoids high rates for international calls imposed by mobile operators; instead, the individual only uses ordinary domestic mobile phone minutes, and is charged by the VoIP operator at a low rate for the international portion of the call.

When the call is connected to the PortaSwitch media server, the MobileMax application supplies the user's credentials and the destination number to the PortaSwitch so there is no need for the end-user to enter any additional information. The user's balance is verified in PortaBilling and then the call is routed to one of the international carriers using PortaSwitch real-time routing capabilities (LCR, adaptive routing, etc.). Upon the completion of the call, the user's account in PortaBilling is charged according to the international call rate of the ITSP.

While the number of mobile users worldwide continue to grow, the number of landline users is continually dropping. Mobile carriers are attempting to lock customers into an exclusive relationship for international calls. MobileMax Personal Edition Mobile Client allows an independent ITSP to provide international calls to mobile subscribers without entering into any cumbersome agreements with mobile carriers, while keeping the service easy-to-use comparing to the pre-paid calling card operators. At the same time, PortaSwitch allows service providers to monetize this opportunity by creating a broad customer base and charging for the international calls from cell phones. This offers a considerable competitive advantage and secures a large market segment. The assured operation of PortaSwitch and the MobileMax Personal Edition Mobile Client makes our two technologies a reliable, cost-effective solution that can create real differentiation in the marketplace."

Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne

Time to market is critical in the mobile industry, which is why MobileMax is continuously working to provide rock-solid solutions that can be deployed quickly. These two technologies provide our carrier and service provider customers with a standards-based platform for smooth, low-cost international calling that also encourages subscribers to use their infrastructure on a continuous basis."

Perry Nalevka, MobileMax director of business development

The MobileMax Personal Edition Mobile Client currently supports more than 500 popular handset models, with new models added continually.

For more information, please write to sales@portaone.com or call 866.747.8647.

About MobileMax

MobileMax (TASE: MBMX), founded in 2004, is a key player in the Unified Communication (UC) arena. Its unique patent-pending Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions enable seamless call routing -- essentially extending the enterprise's real-time communication functionality to the mobile device, enabling users to have one device with one number, one address book and one voice mailbox, always using the lowest cost network for connectivity.

MobileMax licenses its solutions to telecom service providers, carriers and unified communication providers.

The MobileMax technology-agnostic solution is comprised of two components; the Provisioning Server and the Personal/Enterprise Mobile Client. The server generates Mobile Client applications on the fly -- configured to customers' requirements -- and sends them to end user's mobile phones. The Client resides in the user's mobile device, routes outgoing calls to alternative networks and provides enterprise communication features.

The solution supports over 500 mobile phone devices and easily integrates into any existing PBX, VoIP or other telecommunications systems.

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