PortaOne and Erveso Partner To Provide Simplified IPPBX Billing Solution For IP-Based Telecoms

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Erveso's SimPBX Software Offers User-Friendly Interface for Configuring Hosted PBX Customer Environments Within PortaOne's PortaBilling Platform

PortaOne and Erveso BV, a Netherlands-based telecom software developer, today announced a marketing and technology partnership that will benefit Telecommunication Service Providers operating in the B2B segment. The partnership brings together PortaOne's PortaBilling convergent billing/provisioning/management solution with SimPBX, Erveso's front-end user interface designed specifically for PortaBilling, making it easier for telecoms to configure and manage IP-based Private Branch Exchange (IPPBX) environments using the PortaBilling platform.

PortaBilling is a highly-regarded business and operation support system (B/OSS) for telecom operators, service providers and VoIP resellers. The software combines service management and customer provisioning with a carrier-grade billing system that delivers online charging, rating and invoicing. As an integrated solution, PortaBilling allows users to manage and bill for multiple services including those managed by third-party network elements, grouping charges for separate services on a single bill.

PortaBilling is on the job every day at telecommunications companies around the world. As one of the industry's best B/OSS solutions, it was our challenge to provide additional value and convenience with SimPBX. IPPBX management can be extremely labor intensive - which is why SimPBX was developed. We look forward to working with PortaOne to make SimPBX available to PortaBilling customers."

Erik Garritsen, founder and CEO of Erveso BV

Through their partnership, PortaOne and Erveso have completed interoperability testing that assures smooth integration of PortaBilling and SimPBX. The companies state that SimPBX is able to integrate with any maintenance release of PortaBilling.

PortaOne is pleased to begin working with Erveso to simplify the tasks surrounding IPPBX configuration and management. PortaBilling and SimPBX share a goal - to provide the most reliable, easiest-to-use and most customer-friendly billing and provisioning platform on the market today."

Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director for PortaOne

Erveso, founded in 2014, is an outgrowth of PortaOne's relationship with Breezz Communications Group BV, a Dutch telecom later acquired by Ziggo, the Netherlands' largest cable operator. Erveso, started by former Breezz CEO Erik Garritsen, is adding to the growing third-party ecosystem of products and services supporting PortaOne's telecom infrastructure platforms.

About SimPBX

SimPBX, Erveso's recently-introduced product, allows telcos to configure PortaBilling customer environments with only a few clicks. The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of configuring phones and groups as well as call transfers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
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