PortaOne offers an unlimited perpetual license on a one-time, per-installation basis. There are no recurring fees required to operate the software, no extra charges based on the number of users, customers, ports, minutes, or channels, and no additional costs for activation of extra features or modules – ever!

The license includes:

  • Oracle Linux OS
  • MySQL DB or Oracle RAC (high-availability database cluster)
  • Web services API (SOAP / JSON) for data access and modification
  • Source code; database schema description and access to the database
  • Post-installation services: verification, performance testing, optimization
  • Customized training at your office (travel costs not included)
  • PortaCare: 24/7 technical support and new feature updates

How does it work for the service provider?

  1. Purchase a PortaSwitch unlimited perpetual license. We provide a software download link within one (1) business day.
  2. Prepare the hardware (standard Intel-based servers). There is no need to pre-install an OS or anything else. The installation image we supply installs Oracle Linux OS, applications (such as Apache) and PortaOne code on a completely empty server in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Once your private cloud with PortaSwitch is up and running, PortaOne engineers will remotely assist with initial setup and verification. They will run a comprehensive performance test to ensure there are no hardware or network issues.
  4. PortaOne application engineer will conduct onsite training for your team. After the training, you will be able to:
    • set up your VoIP service network (DIDs, partner carriers, etc.);
    • configure your products and rate plans;
    • customize your invoice layout;
    • upload information about your SIM cards, IP phones, and the like to inventory;
    • set up resellers and distributors;
    • start adding new customers;
    • perform analytics and troubleshooting;
    • receive alerts via email or SMS if a situation requires attention;
    • connect third-party applications (e.g. bookkeeping) via API.
  5. If you have more questions or any concerns, you can contact PortaOne’s best-in-the-industry technical support 24/7/365. PortaOne engineers can assist you in solving technical issues, answer your “how to” questions, and remotely perform software upgrades.
  6. The PortaOne engineering team also can help you with additional training, onsite technical assistance, and custom feature development.


There are several product packages available, but all provide exactly the same functionality and communication service provision capability. All currently available features or modules are included at no extra cost. Moreover, any new features or enhancements will be delivered free of charge as part of the regular support & maintenance service.

The only difference between packages is in the total amount of licensed servers (which defines maximum performance) and the level of redundancy (which defines your service’s availability and resilience).

Please contact the PortaOne sales team to discuss your exact requirements and choose the package which best fits your needs.



Contact Sales

Toll-free calls (phone & Skype)
+1 866 747 8647
Calls & faxes from abroad:
+1 604 628 2508

PortaOne, Inc.
A113 – 2099 Lougheed Hwy,
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1A8

Contact to discuss your project requirements and schedule custom-tailored interactive online demo session.

Superb reliability and scalability with
24/7 professional technical support

Open architecture

Open architecture

PortaOne provides both APIs and source code for PortaSwitch to allow an easy integration
Scalability for growth

Scalability for growth

Our platforms can easily scale up by adding more servers to match your project success
Reliability and redundancy

Reliability and redundancy

Clustering and geo‑redundancy for high availability configuration and zero downtime updates
Agile development

Agile development

PortaOne delivers more than 20 software builds per year - new features are available every 7 weeks
24/7 technical support

24/7 technical support

Over 60% of our 300 engineers are in the technical support services, praised as the best in industry

Core solutions

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