Business analysis, migration, integration, and deployment

PortaOne maximizes efficiency and extends customers’ technical team capabilities by using our own solid IT solution expertise. We provide business consulting, end-to-end project delivery and painless migration from your legacy systems to help you achieve strategic business outcomes in a timely manner and on budget.

What professional services does PortaOne offer?

Business analysis

PortaOne offers solid expertise in its comprehensive business analysis using our own consulting service.

Business analysis is a vital project stage that facilitates your understanding of the actual customer landscape. It correctly directs integration efforts and ensures that all stakeholders share an understanding of what the requirements are and how they can be implemented.

A dedicated PortaOne professional conducts a deep dive to learn about what your context is – its obstacles and drivers, so they can estimate the project’s impact and business value: the total scope of the project’s requirements. To provide an accurate quote, they describe use cases, prepare solution design and estimate the expected delivery date for custom development.

The cost of our business analysis service is fully deductible from the total cost of the development and deployment of the requested functionality.

It has never been this easy to obtain an overview of the project to ensure your project’s successes!

Project management

The key goal of project management is to deliver projects on time and on budget.

A PortaOne professional can assess a situation and come up with an accurate timeline and budget estimate, lead the whole project, and also, maintain ongoing communication with the customer. An experienced PortaOne project manager ensures that everyone is on the same page, manages all technical and project documentation, tracks and solves issues and makes sure project information is shared among all key stakeholders.

With our project management services, not only do you save time but you are assured of the project’s final result!

System integration

PortaOne's best in class software engineering team provides integration expertise and industry knowledge to maximize the efficiency of the CSPs’ business.

Our integration service ensures professional and consistent solution setups, based on our extensive experience and best practices. Included in our offer is customized architecture design and / or applications and integration with either new or existing hardware and custom software.

Migration from legacy system

Whether a customer wants to implement, upgrade or consolidate their systems, first the requirements for data migration must be identified.

Migration projects can often be complex and risky.

With the PortaOne professional team’s solid experience, migration from your legacy system is delivered smoothly and on time. At PortaOne, we adopt the Agile approach to our professional services, which helps us maintain budget control and minimize risks. We tailor our approach to each customer’s requirements.

Successful and timely migration, as well as real time enhancement, are top priorities for PortaOne.

What do you get when you engage our professional services?

Clear and aligned project goal and scope. PortaOne provides a knowledgeable business analyst and experienced system engineer, who together work to ascertain actual requirements, and who work closely, as well, with appointed stakeholders.

Accurate documentation and a valid project plan. PortaOne ensures the development of a comprehensive end-to-end project description, including a detailed project plan and projected outcomes.

Issue elimination and risk management. With proper project management by dedicated PortaOne professionals, potential project issues and risks are identified and promptly resolved.

Predictable cost and resource allocation. With PortaOne’s professional services, customers don’t need to manage the personnel for project implementation. Cost savings are realized because we take responsibility for recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, turnover and other management issues.

Why choose PortaOne’s professional services?

  • Proven track record. PortaOne has the knowledge and expertise gained during 20 years of successful global operation and implementation of different scale projects for more than 400 customers.
  • Prime integrator role. PortaOne acts as the prime integrator and takes an active role in project plan setup and resources allocation to keep the ball rolling for all involved parties.
  • 24/7 available professional support. PortaOne’s support team knows all the ins and outs of your system, no matter what the issue is: you can rely on the PortaOne team.
  • Faster time-to-market for new services. Your requirements are covered in an extremely short wait-time due to the number of PortaOne employees and our Agile development cycle.
  • Fair cost. No need to hire and train senior engineering staff to bring them into the loop when you need to build something from scratch. PortaOne assesses risks and prevents them through business analysis, planning and the coordination of all stakeholders, including 3rd parties. We stick to a strict deadline for the project to go live and stay on budget.

Looking for a trusted technological partner to enable your business support systems?

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Superb reliability and scalability with
24/7 professional technical support

Open architecture

Open architecture

PortaOne provides both APIs and source code for PortaSwitch to allow an easy integration
Scalability for growth

Scalability for growth

Our platforms can easily scale up by adding more servers to match your project success
Reliability and redundancy

Reliability and redundancy

Clustering and geo‑redundancy for high availability configuration and zero downtime updates
Agile development

Agile development

PortaOne delivers more than 20 software builds per year - new features are available every 7 weeks
24/7 technical support

24/7 technical support

Over 60% of our 300 engineers are in the technical support services, praised as the best in industry

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