26 April 2021

Webinar: New feature highlights for PortaSwitch MR89-92 and a Click2Call browser extension

Join our webinar on Thursday, April 29, to explore the benefits of all the new features in the latest maintenance releases of PortaSwitch, discover a browser extension to make phone calls, and address your questions to our experts during the live Q&A session.


Our team has set a new development record! At 26 in total, MRs 89-92 have the most new features out of any update we’ve ever released for PortaSwitch. There’s no way to go into detail on all of these new benefits in a single one-hour webinar, but we will be able to tell you everything you need to know about all of the most important features.

One benefit we’ll definitely be covering is call supervision – a new feature to help call center managers train junior sales or support personnel. Starting from MR91, call center supervisors can participate in calls made by their trainees and agents via one of three modes:

  • Spy mode: Neither the agent nor the client is aware of the manager's presence. Supervisors can silently monitor calls and then provide feedback.
  • Whisper mode: Only the agent can hear the manager. This is an excellent option for managers who want to offer tips and guide agents in real-time during conversations with clients.
  • Barge-in mode: Both the agent and the client can hear the manager. This mode allows the manager to step in and handle a client’s concerns when needed.

We’ll also show you how to create additional users for customer self-care, starting from MR92. We know that your large business customers need to enable many different types of employees to access the self-care portal – IT admin has to manage the configuration of call routing in the PBX, financial managers need to download invoices or call detail records (CDRs), and so on – so we’ve added an option to create these individual credentials. Plus: with each team member having their own set of credentials and permissions, now it’s easy to trace individual activity, for example, to find out which PBX admin disabled forwarding for a particular extension.

We’ll also cover a new feature that will allow you to drastically boost revenue and profitability of a service provided via resellers. Previously, CSPs could only charge resellers based on the volume of services their subscribers consume (e.g., per minute or GB). With the increased popularity of subscription bundles (e.g., 1000 minutes of voice calls for $10) resellers have been keeping all the profit on “unused” minutes. Plus, while a reseller could charge for access to certain features (such as call recording), this has not been reflected on your bill to the reseller, which is based on the service consumption.

Starting from MR92, you will be able to pre-build products for your reseller, then charge the reseller a recurring fee for every instance of that product sold to a consumer. For example, as a CSP, you can create a product consisting of 1000 minutes of voice calls, call recording, and 50 GB of wireless data per month – and assign $20 as the monthly price of this package to a reseller. The reseller then can re-brand it and offer this package at any price they prefer, whether that’s at your recommended retail price of, say, $30, or at a higher markup, or—for example, for a marketing campaign or sales drive—even at a rate that’s lower than what they paid for it. Whatever your reseller charges, you always receive your $20 per month for every package they sell.

In MR92 we’ve also added an additional format for keepalive pings.These are used during a phone call to periodically check that both parties are still connected to the Internet, promptly disconnecting the call if one party loses its connection. This prevents inaccurate charging in case of connectivity loss. If the end user’s SIP phone or a carrier’s VoIP gateway doesn’t support keepalive pings via SIP INVITE, now you can use SIP UPDATE. It’s always good to have an alternative, right?

Of course, we’ll pay some attention to the STIR/SHAKEN support in PortaSwitch (introduced in MR90). Briefly, STIR/SHAKEN is a framework aiming to prevent call ID spoofing. The regulations apply to all telcos that send calls with a North American numbering plan. After the implementation deadline and a grace period of 90 days (September 30) calls from non-compliant telcos might be blocked. So it’s fair to say that the feature is of particular importance to North American telcos. We held a past webinar on STIR/SHAKEN and how PortaSwitch supports it – you can watch the recording for all the details.

We’ll also cover strong customer authentication (SCA) support for online payments (introduced in MR91). This feature will be interesting for our clients in the EEA, the UK, and Switzerland since it will help them meet SCA requirements and continue to accept online payments from their customers.

Finally, we’ll introduce Click2Call – a Chrome and Firefox plugin we’ve designed to enable dialing from your browser. Once a user installs the plugin and logs in (using their credentials for accessing PortaSwitch web self-care), with one click on a phone number on any web page (e.g., in the “Contact Us” section of a web store or a client’s phone number in Gmail) their existing phone (deskphone or mobile app) will ring and they will be connected to the destination. That’s right, it’s as simple as it sounds: press a button and proceed to the conversation using any phone you already have, with no need to manually enter the number! During the webinar, we’ll demo this tool and all the options you have to customize it.


 Mike Kidik,
 Product Officer

   Svitlana Melnychuk,
   Project Manager

Date and time:

April 29, 2021

Mexico City - 9:00 am
New York - 10:00 am
São Paulo - 11:00 am
London - 3:00 pm
Western / Central Europe - 4:00 pm
Eastern Europe - 5:00 pm

Note: the conference bridge will be muted during the webinar, but you will be able to type your questions via chat during the live Q&A.

We look forward to seeing you!



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