3 April 2020

PortaSwitch new features webinar: Origin-based and real-time roaming call charging, features we host in the cloud, enhanced call recording and call quality monitoring


Join our webinars on Tuesday, April 14th and Thursday, April 16th to see how you can benefit from the new functionalities we’ve introduced in PortaSwitch over the past 6 months.

Learn how to:

  • Accurately calculate costs for European countries using origin-based charging
  • Seamlessly add new integrations without updating your PortaSwitch installation
  • Avoid revenue leakage and bill shock by charging customers for roaming calls in real-time
  • Provide encrypted call recording as a value-added service
  • Improve customer experience by collecting payments automatically on the due date
  • Track quality of VoIP calls in near real-time to promptly fix network issues
  • Deploy DSBC as a single “exit point” to simplify the configuration of PBXs and switches
  • Benefit from other features and enhancements already available in PortaSwitch MR81-84

Don’t miss your chance to submit all of your questions to the Q&A section so that our PortaOne experts answer them during the webinar.


 Mike Kidik,
 Product Officer

   Svitlana Melnychuk,
   Project Manager


Session 1 (EMEA / Asia / Oceania): April, 14th

London - 9:00 am
Western / Central Europe - 10:00 am
Eastern Europe - 11:00 am
Dubai - 12:00 pm
Singapore - 4:00 pm
Sydney - 6:00 pm

Register for session 1

Session 2 (Americas, Western Europe): April, 16th

Pacific Time - 9:00 am
Mexico City - 11:00 am
Eastern Time - 12:00 pm
São Paolo - 1:00 pm
London - 5:00 pm
Western / Central Europe - 6:00 pm

Register for session 2

Note: the conference bridge will be muted for all attendees. However, you can type your questions via Chat / Q&A during the webinar.

If you want us to cover any special issues during the webinar, please send your questions to: webinar@portaone.com.

We look forward to meeting you!


You must install a Zoom client to access either of the webinars on April 14th or April 16th.

It’s a good idea to join 5 minutes earlier to make sure that everything works fine.

Also, please remember to turn on your speakers!



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