3 June 2021

Webinar recording: iPaaS self-management portal, MS Teams onboarding wizard, call analytics and insights

How long do your customers have to wait until you can offer them the latest products – say, a new IP phone model? With the PortaOne iPaaS self-management portal, you’ll be able to add new products and value-added services in (at most!) 1-2 days – without assistance from PortaOne. We covered the portal, along with two iPaaS apps created by our partner Boom: an MS Teams onboarding wizard and a call analytics and insights module.


Watch the webinar video to see:

  • PortaOne iPaaS self-management portal: terms of use, functionalities, already available iPaaS apps
  • MS Teams onboarding wizard: a user-friendly tool that helps your customers connect their Teams environment to your cloud PBX in just 1-2 days
  • Call analytics and insights module: transcription of calls, sentiment analysis, enterprise wallboards, and more

We designed the iPaaS self-management portal to completely automate the entire iPaaS subscription process. Once you have subscribed to PortaOne iPaaS (the subscription is free of charge), you can sign in to the portal, browse the list of available apps and free trials, and subscribe, activate, and deactivate apps.

We’ll publish the full list of apps in a few weeks, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Self-care Portals - PBX, SIP Trunking, M2M/IoT
  • Cloud PBX Onboarding Wizard
  • Click2Call Browser Plugin
  • Accounting data sync to Quickbooks
  • PortaPhone (Web & Mobile app)
  • IP phone provisioning: Polycom, FlyingVoice, Yealink (all recent models), Snom (all recent models)

You can also list your own custom products on the portal to monetize apps you’ve created yourself. And if there is a specific app you’d like to see on PortaOne iPaaS, please let us know about it!

Most iPaaS apps can be used almost immediately after activation. Some, like the new MS Teams onboarding wizard, may require some time for provisioning all the configurations.

And speaking of the wizard, this module from Boom provides complete and simple integration of a customer’s Teams environment into PortaSwitch – with all the control features run by PortaSwitch and bypassing MS Teams. At the webinar, we demoed the wizard and explained how to configure all the settings (it usually takes 1-2 days to become available for use).

The call analytics and insights module is another iPaaS app created by Boom. It will be available for PortaOne clients in Q3/Q4 of 2021. We also previewed this tool during the webinar and explained its many features:

  • Transcription of call records to text
  • Sentiment analysis and warnings (negative calls, profanities, sensitive financial information)
  • Marketing features such as keyword alerts for calls and product feedback tracking
  • Enterprise wallboards
  • Multi-language support for call records analytics
  • And more!

Q&A highlights

Q: Are there any subscription plans for iPaaS?

A: You can access iPaaS and browse through the apps at no cost. But there are individual charges for each app you subscribe to – all subscription fees are listed next to the app description in the marketplace. You’ll also see options for free trials, and soon we’ll be offering bundle discounts and other options to help reduce your costs.

Q: What is the billing model for iPaaS apps? Will both PortaOne and the app partner bill us?

A: All charges for apps activated through the PortaOne iPaaS marketplace will be billed by PortaOne. But support for a given app will be provided via the partner developer that submitted it to the marketplace.



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