8 October 2015

Recordings Available for Webcasts of PortaSwitch New Functionality (maintenance releases 44-50)

For those who missed the live webcast sessions, we are publishing the recorded versions:

MR44-46 (Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia session) (North/SouthAmerica session)
MR47-50 (Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia session) (North/South America session)

Below is the summary of some interesting questions discussed during the live sessions:

Q: How many physical servers are required to deploy a PortaSIP cluster?
A: The minimum recommended configuration includes 2 servers for the front-end (that share the public IP address), and at least 2 processing PortaSIP servers as the back-end- that makes 4 servers in total.

Q: An attendant console on a receptionist's PC seems to be a highly desired addition to PortaSwitch IP Centrex functionality. What are your plans in this regard?
A: We have recently completed the integration of a web-based attendant console with Mida Solutions (http://www.midasolutions.com/). The minimum recommended PortaSwitch version is MR49.

Q: We are interested in deploying the WebRTC service using PortaSwitch - what do you recommend?
A: PortaOne has teamed up with Acrobits to create a full WebRTC solution for service providers. Acrobits will provide the front-end and then all calls will be processed by PortaSwitch.

Q: Does Oracle Enterprise Linux v7 support VMware?
A: Yes, you can install the latest PortaSwitch release on either a physical or a virtual machine, including VMware or Oracle Virtual Box. It is difficult to guarantee real-time resource intensive processing (e.g. proxying of voice traffic) in a virtual environment, so plan and test carefully. Please see Using PortaSwitch in a virtual environment for more details.

Q: The enhanced SIP log processing / search sounds exciting. In which release enhanced processing of billing logs will be available?
A: Maintenance release 51 (planned for end of October 2015) will introduce additional search options for SIP logs on the web GUI. We expect an elastic search for billing logs to be available no later than MR53 (planned for February 2016).

Q: How do we obtain a license for the Acrobits Cloud SoftPhone mobile app integrated with PortaSwitch?
A: Acrobits is PortaOne's long-term technology partner. All functionality for auto-provisioning Acrobits' mobile app and other integration features (e.g. current balance display) is included in the PortaSwitch license and available at no extra cost. The license for the actual mobile app should be purchased directly from Acrobits.

Q: Can PortaSIP cluster functionality be back-ported into older releases?
A: The PortaSIP cluster introduces several new components to the PortaSIP architecture which required extensive changes to be implemented to the code. Back-porting numerous changes to an older release could compromise its stability, so it is not a recommended approach. Customers who are interested in deploying high-availability IP Centrex services should plan to update to MR50 (the current long-life maintenance release).

Q: What is the roadmap for VoLTE services support?
A: PortaBilling MR 52 (planned for December 2015) will include built-in support for the authorization and charging of VoLTE calls. PortaSIP will be expanded with its ability to be deployed as an AS (application server) on the VoLTE network in 2016.

Q: Will PortaBilling become integrated with the Counterpath application to allow auto-provisioning?
A: Auto-provisioning projects for desktop phones or mobile apps are typically carried out based on customer requests. So if there is a need to use the CounterPath mobile app for your project and you anticipate having a substantial number of customers - please contact our development team to discuss this feature request further.



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