16 October 2014

PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 43 - summary

On September 12th, 2014 the PortaOne engineering team completed Maintenance Release 43, the latest leap-forward version of PortaSwitch.

MR43 Highlights

  • Prepaid / postpaid customers
  • Subordinate accounts
  • Customer hierarchy
  • Provisional Termination
  • Subscriptions for prepaid customers
  • LRN dip
  • Cisco SCE integration
  • Additional reports
  • French Self-care Portal
For those who missed the new features webcast dedicated to the release, here are the highlights of the new functionality now available in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 43:

Prepaid / postpaid customers - to simplify the management of different customer categories, a separate balance management scheme has been developed for prepaid customers. Now these customers are easily identified with a single balance attribute ("Available funds") that is only applicable to them.

Subordinate accounts - these accounts do not have their own balance and instead, draw funds from the balance of the customer group they belong to. This simplifies both billing and credit control for post-paid customers who have many accounts.

Customer hierarchy - having the ability to create a "headquarters" customer object and a linked "branch office" for customers allows for the efficient management of large corporate customers that have different departments or offices.

Provisional Termination - this is a "reversible" termination of a customer that allows for stopping all services provided to that customer and generating an invoice for all activities up to the date of the termination. Later the customer may either be terminated permanently or reinstated.

Subscriptions for prepaid customers - At this time, if a prepaid customer does not have sufficient funds to cover the subscription charges, his balance will not go into overdraft. Instead, the service will be suspended until additional funds are deposited, whereupon the service will be automatically reactivated.

LRN dip - PortaSwitch® can now perform real-time lookups for LRN information using an external provider (e.g. Telnyx) that increases profitability for North American routes.

Cisco SCE integration - PortaBilling® is now integrated with Cisco SCE, a network element specifically designed for carrier-grade deployments. PortaBilling real-time user activity management enables flexible per-subscriber policy control of IP traffic for individual sessions or even at the application level (e.g. VoIP traffic has priority over web downloads).

Additional reports - several new reports have been added to assist service providers and their business partners in their daily operations. These include: enhanced cost / revenue reports, xDR reports per customer's site and commission reports per distributor.

French Self-care Portal - This portal is now available in French.

You can access more detailed information about these changes in the PortaSwitch New Features Guide.

Please contact the PortaOne support team to schedule an update.



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