29 April 2020

MR81-84 webinar summary and recording


For those of you who missed the recent PortaOne webinar on new features in PortaSwitch MR81-84, we have made a recorded version of the session available, along with a short summary.

Webinar about new features in PortaSwitch MR81-84

By watching the webinar or reading the summary, you’ll learn how to:

  • Charge differently for calls inside or outside Europe
  • Monitor customers’ call quality
  • Improve your business operations using PortaBI
  • Receive new functionalities via PortaOne iPaaS without upgrading your PortaSwitch installation
  • Seamlessly integrate PortaBilling with third-party platforms (CRM, ERP, etc.) without involving API developers
  • Benefit from other features and enhancements already available in PortaSwitch MR81-84

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: How is pricing information stored for calls made inside or outside the European Economic Area (EEA)?

A: To differentiate call charges to a given destination based on where each call originates, you need to create a single tariff. You can then define the rate for calls originating inside or outside the EEA by using two separate prices for each destination in this tariff. These tariffs can be applied to both your vendors and customers. Vendor tariffs influence routing list calculation.

Q: Where can I find call quality information, and how do I enable call quality monitoring?

A: PortaBilling analyzes the collected metrics (e.g. packet loss, latency, etc.) and determines the call quality: good, fair, or poor. You can view call quality information in customers’ xDRs. To find out the reason for their call quality level, review the xDR details.

To monitor the quality of customers’ calls, you need to configure the call quality tracker, a PortaSIP component that processes call quality reports. Because it generates a high load, we recommend that you deploy the call quality tracker on a dedicated server, so as not to interfere with call processing.

Q: How do I start using PortaBI?

A: PortaBI is a cloud-based solution available on a subscription basis. Once you sign up for it, our support team deploys a small agent to your PortaBilling installation. This agent collects billing data from the database and sends it to the cloud data warehouse. Once the data is stored there, you can start using PortaBI’s six predefined reports: revenue, profitability, usage, customer dynamics, top customers, and top vendors. You can also use a visual designer to create your own reports.

PortaBI is available for customers running PortaSwitch MR55 or higher. If your installation’s MR is lower, you will need to upgrade your system first.

To try out PortaBI, contact our Sales Department .

Q: What kind of services are available via iPaas?

A: CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) provisioning is the first functionality available via PortaOne iPaaS. Auto-provisioning for Yealink W80B, a DECT IP multi-cell base station, is supported. In the future, integration of payment processors will also be available. The benefit of PortaOne iPaaS is that you do not need to upgrade your PortaSwitch installation to the newest release in order to deploy a new functionality. You can find more details here.

To subscribe to PortaOne iPaaS, contact our Sales Department .

Q: What is Boomi, how can its integration with PortaBilling help me, and does it support Salesforce CRM?

A: Boomi, a leading low-code integration platform that is now part of PortaOne iPaaS, enables self-service integration and workflow automation without the need for API developers.

Boomi enables you to reduce the time needed to integrate PortaBilling with back-office platforms such as CRM, accounting, workforce, or ERP, as well as adjust workflows with greater flexibility when your business requirements change.

Salesforce is a major partner of Boomi. Therefore, any integration and data sync between PortaBilling and Salesforce via Boomi will be much more economical.



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