17 April 2019

MR74-76 webinar summary and recording


For those of you who missed the recent PortaOne webinar on the new features in MR74-76 PortaSwitch, we have made available the recorded version of the session.

Webinar about new features in PortaSwitch MR74-76

By watching the webinar or reading its summary, you’ll learn how to:

  • Save time when performing customer data migration and minimize data compatibility risks with the enhanced dual-version PortaSwitch
  • Enhance your CTI solutions with call transfers, redirects and on-the-spot conferencing services by using extended PortaSIP API for advanced IP Centrex
  • Deploy fiber to the home (FTTH) services with Calix ONTs, build your LTE network infrastructure with Netnumber Titan HSS and more
  • Control customer access to their self-care portal using Roles
  • Automate the WiFi registration process in public places and monetize Internet access services by using a captive portal for WiFi hotspots
  • Benefit from other features and enhancements in PortaSwitch MR74-76

Please find below a digest of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Is real-time charging supported only for roaming SMS?

A: PortaBilling® supports real-time charging for voice, data and SMS services that are used when roaming. First, real-time charging for roaming data was introduced, then support for voice calls, and later – SMS support. The charging mechanism works pretty much the same way for voice calls and SMS: PortaBilling® uses the identification of the roaming country and visiting network to match the correct tariff and calculate the charges. To bill for data usage, PortaBilling® selects a tariff rate based on the MCC-MNC codes that identify the subscriber’s visiting network. This allows you to provide full-fledged service to your subscribers when they visit other countries.

Q: Is the captive portal compatible with all access points? Can I use it with my equipment?

A: There is no standard communication protocol between an access point / server and the captive portal. Therefore, each manufacturer of network access equipment comes up with its own proprietary interface. To communicate with a particular access point, the supplied captive portal must be customized. It already supports the Huawei protocol – so you can start to use it right away with a Huawei access server. Contact us to interface the captive portal with your network access equipment or you can use third-party services for your customizations.

Q: Can I use the captive portal under my own brand?

A: Of course. The captive portal provides a set of web pages that you can customize as you like: use your logo and colors, provide your legal information and modify the registration fields, service offerings and payment options. You can either customize the supplied captive portal or use it as a template to build your own captive portal.

Q: Are customers migrated with all products, routing plans and other configurations in the dual-version PortaSwitch®?

A: The dual-version PortaSwitch® solution was remastered to reduce both pre-configuration work on the alter-ego system and data migration time. Now the alter-ego system that runs the newest release is started as a full copy of the production system with all of the products, tariffs, rates and other configuration objects. The data is transformed and adapted for the new release at the database level, the same way it is done during regular system updates. When the alter-ego system is ready, you begin moving customers and accounts there, in batches, via Porter. Porter copies only the customer and account records and their related service configurations such as service features and IP Centrex configurations, plus the xDRs produced for customers on the production system after the database copy is made. This both simplifies and speeds up the migration process since all customer / account dependencies are pre-created. It also ensures that billing data is synchronized so you don’t lose money during migration. You control the size of the customer batches, and you manage the time and pace of their migration.

Q: Can I jump over multiple maintenance releases to the latest LTS?

A: Yes, absolutely. That’s the main point of the dual-version PortaSwitch® solution. It’s a tool that’s used to migrate to the latest LTS in a smooth and controlled manner to bypass time- and effort-consuming regular update cycles. For example, if your production system runs dual-version PortaSwitch® MR55, you can easily jump over to the latest available LTS MR75.

Q: Is dual-version PortaSwitch® included in the existing PortaCare? Do I have to sign up for additional PortaCare coverage to deploy dual-version PortaSwitch®?

A: To deploy dual-version PortaSwitch you need additional servers to run the alter-ego system. This requires a separate license set or a SaaS subscription, and PortaCare is already included in either option. We offer dual-version PortaSwitch licensing for a special price that is significantly lower compared to a "full-fledged" license. Please contact sales@portaone.com to discuss the details.

Q: Will the reseller and distributor portals be moved to the new UI?

A: Yes, we have included the implementation of reseller and distributor portals on the new UI development roadmap. At the moment, however, we are still focused on finalizing the administrative web interface by moving the remaining set of features, such as integration with the RT system, content-based charging, etc. to the new UI. We welcome your participation in developing reseller / distributor portals, e.g. your feedback on prototypes for the portals. If you are willing to participate, please send an email to support@portaone.com and we will include you in this project.

Q: Can I manage a search and column display on the web GUI?

A: We continually work on improving the look and feel of the new UI to make it easy to use and navigate. We do have plans to introduce column management and improve the search function to make it more focused. As yet, there is no timeline since the search engine redesign has only just been started. Once we have a timeline, we will let you know.



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