31 October 2018

MR70-73 webinar summary and recording


For those of you who missed the recent PortaOne webinar on the new features in MR70-73 PortaSwitch, we have made available the recorded versions of both sessions.

Webinar about new features in PortaSwitch MR70-73, Session 1

Webinar about new features in PortaSwitch MR70-73, Session 2

By watching the webinar or reading its summary, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make sure your business is GDPR compliant
  • Optimize sales processes and drive additional revenue with SalesForce integration
  • Use media transcoding directly in your PortaSIP
  • Launch services for mobile users with IMS / VoLTE
  • Other integrations & enhancements in PortaSwitch MR70-73

Please find below a digest of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: I am considering offering PortaPhone as a mobile dialing app for my customers. What are the licensing costs? How can I deploy it to production?

A: PortaPhone is an Acrobits product licensed to PortaOne customers that has unlimited capacity and preferential pricing. PortaPhone requires an SaaS subscription. Its licensing terms do not depend on the feature set being enabled within the app and /or the number of users who’ve installed it. For pricing, please contact our sales team (sales@portaone.com).

Once you activate the subscription, you receive access to the dedicated configuration web portal where you can manage the look and feel of your app, customize it with your name and logo and activate various features for your users. Our application engineers will help you with the initial configuration.

You have the ability to generate the image of your app, which you can then upload to Google Play and / or the Apple App Store. Thus, you control the publishing and distribution process: what to name your app, how to market it, etc.

The backend infrastructure (Push and WeRTC servers) is activated on your PortaSwitch® servers in your collocation and is easily scalable.

Q: Can I use the same hardware to deploy dual-version PortaSwitch®?

A: The idea of dual-version PortaSwitch® is to keep your existing system running on a specific release (e.g. MR55), intact. Thus, the alter-ego system must be physically separated from the main one. This implies its deployment on a separate set of servers or in a cloud.

The alter-ego system runs a new release (e.g. MR70) which allows you to configure a different set of services for new and existing customers. The two systems are linked through the dispatching SBC, which directs calls and API requests to the system where the customer currently resides. The Porter data migration tool enables you to move a specific set of customers with their full billing information and service configurations from one system to another.

This facilitates the smooth transition of your customers to the new release so that they do not even notice being moved: their phones continue to work normally and whatever services they’ve contracted for are still available. Thus, dual-version PortaSwitch® allows you to catch up with new software versions and benefit from the new features available in them.

Q: Is dual-version PortaSwitch® mandatory for updates?

A: Dual-version PortaSwitch® provides an alternative and less painful way to upgrade to a new software release (from the perspective of maintenance). You can stick to the traditional update procedure from the current LTS to the next one, which is both time and labor consuming, since it requires thorough preparation. Alternatively, you can deploy dual-version PortaSwitch® and do a “long jump” to the latest release, where you can move your customers in batches at a pace you are comfortable with and that you control.

Q: I am a long-time customer. Do I need an onsite refresher training?

A: Yes. If you have Premium PortaCare, onsite training is included, excluding travel expenses. For regular PortaCare, you have the option to request the training and we encourage you to do so. During the training you refresh your knowledge of PortaSwitch®, learn what new functionalities have evolved and how to better apply PortaSwitch® to grow your business.

The onsite training is available on demand, once per year, in any location in the world. Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for details.

Q: Can I provide VoLTE services with PortaBilling®?

A: Yes. PortaBilling® supports charging for VoLTE services used via an external system. We are now engaged in interoperability testing of the VoLTE solution in which PortaSIP® operates as a TAS (Telephony Application Server) with our technology partners. This will allow you to provide the full set of VoLTE services to subscribers and perform real-time user authorization and charging via PortaSwitch®.

Q: Do I need to purchase a codec license for transcoding? Is my server performance sufficient for transcoding?

A: Transcoding enables you to combine any CPEs and carriers to deliver good call quality to customers. The supported codecs (e.g. G.711, G.729, Speex) are either free or their licenses have expired. We plan to extend the codec list (e.g. OPUS codec) in upcoming releases. To speed up the process or add support for a particular codec, contact us with your requests. Codec support with patent licensing is possible – we will contact the authorities for the licensing terms.

Transcoding performance greatly depends on the codecs used and the CPU power of your server. Our benchmarks show 500-800 conversions per server, greater performance can be achieved by adding additional servers. Our support engineers can help you estimate your transcoding performance.



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