2 October 2020

Webinar recording and Q&As: Payment processors and self-care portals via iPaaS

PortaOne iPaaS brings you the ability to deploy integrations with new payment processors within two weeks and to run self-care portals custom-tailored to specific customer segments. We recently held a webinar where we covered the integration of the popular Stripe payment processor and demoed a specialized SIP trunking self-care portal. Here’s a quick summary, a full video recording, and a breakdown of all the Q&As in case you missed it.


Starting with PortaSwitch MR87, any already developed iPaaS payment processor can become available to a CSP through their PortaOne iPaaS subscription in 10 to 15 minutes and with just a few clicks. The whole integration process of a new payment processor takes up to 2 weeks (as opposed to 7 weeks in a regular development lifecycle). The new code is deployed in the cloud, which means you don’t need to update your PortaSwitch.

Even if you’re using releases from MR55 to MR86, there is still no need to update to access this new functionality – backward compatibility with minor integration effort is available via a backport patch. To demonstrate such integration in action, we’ve already added the popular Stripe payment system.

We’re also building a marketplace for specialized self-care portals. Both PortaOne and third-party developers will be able to develop self-care portals for various business needs. These portals will be available as modules that can be deployed quickly and easily via PortaOne iPaaS. During the webinar, we demonstrated an example of such specialized SIP trunking self-care portal running via iPaaS.

Watch the webinar video to see:

  • How to easily enable new payment processors from within the PortaBilling web interface via iPaaS (using the example of Stripe)
  • The overall architecture of PortaOne iPaaS integrations
  • The existing possibilities of requesting and adding a new payment processor into PortaBilling
  • The proof-of-concept SIP trunking self-care portal and how it works
  • How to participate in the early-adopter program for our IP Centrex portal creation

Audience poll results


During the webinar, we polled the audience about payment processors and self-care portals. Here are the results:

Would you like to add an additional payment processor for your system?

  • Yes - 59%
  • No - 41%

What payment processors would you like to see in the iPaaS market in the future?

  • Mygate - 0%
  • EazyPay - 6%
  • Plug’n Pay - 6%
  • GlobalPayments - 17%
  • Elavon - 0%
  • Payfirma - 0%
  • Square - 6%
  • eWay - 0%
  • Ecentric - 0%
  • Other - 65%

Do you use a built-in or custom portal for your end users?

  • We use a built-in portal - 5%
  • We use a custom portal - 37%
  • We use both - 26%
  • We do not use any - 32%

Which portal is required for your business?

  • IP Centrex portal - 79%
  • IoT/M2M portal - 11%
  • Sales agent’s portal - 42%
  • Reseller’s portal - 79%
  • Other - 11%
(Total exceeds 100% as respondents could select more than one answer.)

Top Webinar Q&As


Q: When will new customer self-care portals become available?

A: The new iPaaS powered SIP trunking self-care portal is already available. We’re also actively working on a new self-care portal for IP Centrex subscribers (scroll down to see how to participate in the early adopter program). There is also an existing built-in self-care portal in PortaSwitch, but it won’t undergo any further changes.

Q: What will happen with the existing “standard” self-care UI that is part of PortaSwitch?

A: The standard portal is still included with all PortaSwitch versions (the current one being MR88), and we do not plan to remove it. However, the UX delivered by a one-size-fits-all approach has proven cumbersome for customers, so our plan is to focus on developing a collection of specialized iPaaS-based self-care portals, which will eventually replace the older “standard” one.

Q: Do you plan to add new payment processors specifically for Europe (France)?

A: If you want us to, we will! We are customer-driven, and 90% of our features are based on user requests and requirements. If there is a specific payment processor that you need, we can offer you two ways of integrating it – via iPaaS or via a feature request for the master release of our new PortaSwitch version.

Q: When will Stripe become available in a MR update?

A: We deliver the Stripe functionality via iPaaS, so you need to subscribe to PortaOne iPaaS if you would like to use Stripe. If you are already an iPaaS subscriber, the Stripe payment processor is available now for MR87 and above, and can also be added to MR55-MR86 with the help of a simple backward compatibility patch.

Q: Do you have any plans for adding a Salesforce plugin in iPaaS?

A: We already do have this option available! You just have to let us know what specific features you need from Salesforce. An integration via PortaOne iPaaS Workflows might be a better option for you. It is a highly visual low-code approach that has a whole catalog of pre-made integration with popular apps available through Dell Boomi. It is also easy to configure and maintain. If you want to know more, you can watch a recording of a webinar that covers PortaOne iPaaS Workflows. You can also contact our Sales Department – we’ll be glad to discuss this and help you.

Q: Do you plan to create and provide a customer registration wizard for the self-care portals?

A: The one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't work in this case. Right now, for such integrations, you can use PortaOne iPaaS Workflows. You’ll need to have a CRM system or some other resource that collects registration data (for example, a landing page) and connect it via API. To learn more about this, check out the recap of a recent webinar we did on connecting HubSpot and Xero Accounting with the help of iPaaS to pair CRM and invoicing.

Q: If several PortaOne customers require a specific new payment processor or service, will it be implemented?

A: If there is a lot of demand for a specific processor or service, we can make it happen and integrate it via PortaOne iPaaS or PortaOne iPaaS Workflows. For instance, we started with integrating Stripe because it is a highly popular payment processor used worldwide. If several customers would like to see a particular new integration implemented by a specific date, they should get in touch, and we’ll get things started.

A final quick note before you go – we’re working on creating a self-care portal for IP Centrex subscribers, and we’re looking for early adopters who will help influence the functionality, scope, and secure special pricing via a pre-sales program. If you’re interested in participating, please contact our Sales team.



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