If you missed our webinar on how to sync client data and accounting information in real time and with minimal coding effort, check out this recording or the Q&A highlights from the event.

if you missed our webinar on how to sync client data and accounting information in real time using PortaOne Workflows with the help of Dell Boomi, watch the recording below, or scroll down for Q&A highlights from the event.

Here are just a few examples of what our cloud PBX onboarding wPortaSwitch gains fast and flexible automation and integration capabilities through iPaaS Workflows with Boomi – a Dell Technologies iPaaS integration platform named a leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service report.

This webinar video will show you how to:

  • Effectively automate your operation workflows using the low-code Boomi platform
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency with automatic data synchronization
  • Input new client data into HubSpot CRM and sync it with PortaBilling
  • Automatically generate invoices in Xero Accounting or any other accounting service that is available as a Boomi connector
  • Carry out onboarding, billing, and payment processes in a single end-to-end setup
  • Integrate the CRM and accounting services of your choice with PortaSwitch with minimal coding effort
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Audience poll results

During the webinar, we polled the audience on their current platforms and processes. Here’s what they told us.

How many core platforms do you use in your technology stack?

  • Just PortaBilling/PortaSwitch: 12%
  • Up to 3: 31%
  • 4 to 5: 42%
  • 6 to 10: 8%
  • More than 10: 8%

How often do you manually add data to your platforms?

  • All the time: 27%
  • More often than we would like: 54%
  • Almost never, we use a lot of automation: 14%
  • Never, it’s all automated: 5%

Good neWhat other platforms do you use to run your business besides PortaBilling? (Total exceeds 100% as respondents could select more than one answer.)

  • CRM: 76%
  • ERP: 24%
  • Accounting: 86%
  • eCommerce/web & mobile shop: 5%
  • Customer service/helpdesk: 67%
  • Internal collaboration (Slack/Teams/etc.): 52%
  • Fieldforce/workforce management: 10%

It’s also a big help when migrating a customer from another PBX (like BroadSoft, Avaya, or Asterisk) to PortaSwitch: you can save a lot of time by uHow often does your team manually perform repetitive business processes?

  • Often, it’s a source of frustration: 76%
  • About average: 24%
  • Not that much, we’re efficient: 0%

How many members of your IT team are dedicated to creating/coding/maintaining integrations?

  • None: 19%
  • 1-2 part-time: 29%
  • Full-time dedicated person: 5%
  • An entire team (2 or more): 48%

HubSpot and Xero integration Q&As

Here are the top questions and answers from the webinar.

Q: What is PortaOne iPaaS Workflows?

A: PortaOne iPaaS Workflows is a low-code integration and business process automation platform enabled by Boomi. It has capabilities to integrate and automatically sync your data across CRM, accounting, customer service, ERP systems, etc. With PortaOne iPaaS Workflows, you can also increase efficiency by creating micro-portals visually, without extensive engineering.

Q: Do we have to use Boomi, or can HubSpot speak directly to PortaBilling via iPaaS?

A: Boomi is the integration piece that sits between HubSpot and PortaBilling. Yes, it is possible to have HubSpot speak directly to PortaBilling, but then you would lose the very benefits that make this platform so efficient. Essentially, you would create a HubSpot app – a static piece of code that would be harder to maintain. We feel that PortaOne iPaaS Workflows is a better and more efficient way to handle such integrations.

Q: What happens in Xero if we suspend an account in PortaBilling?

A: The current implementation doesn’t handle such events. But just like how you can subscribe to the creation of invoices in PortaBilling, you can also subscribe to account suspension events. You can then implement a handler to fit the business requirements you actually want to see in Xero when an account is suspended in PortaBilling.

Q: Do I need a minimum version of maintenance release in PortaBilling to support PortaOne iPaaS Workflows?

A: No. However, older releases may have fewer handlers or fewer events that can be supported by PortaBilling. Apart from that, versions as low as MR55 could still be used with minimal adjustments.

Q: Is it possible to connect PortaBilling to the WinBooks accounting platform?

A: At the moment, there is no existing Boomi connector for WinBooks. But, based on our experience working with Boomi, as long as your application has an API and some standard way of accessing the data, creating a new connector would not be a problem, and could be implemented in a matter of hours.

Q: Does PortaOne iPaaS Workflows use standard API interfaces?

A: Yes, absolutely. On the PortaBilling side, we use a standard API. Boomi calls the PortaBilling API, and receives PortaBilling events from our framework.

Q: Is Boomi a cloud application? Can it be hosted within an on-premise environment?

A: Both of these are correct. This is one of the reasons why we chose Boomi over other integration platforms. By default, Boomi is a cloud platform. The execution engine sits in the cloud, accessing various applications. But Boomi’s execution engine (Atom) can also run on-premises and access data that might be behind firewalls, in secured environments. Also, API is not the only way to get and transfer the data – Boomi also supports direct database connectors, flat files, and various other ways to get and receive data in automated workflows.

If you’d like to find out how you can use PortaOne iPaaS Workflows for your specific setup, please contact our Sales Department – we’ll be glad to help you.

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