New features webinar MR104-106

New features webinar MR104-106

Learn about the top new features from MR104, MR015, and MR106, plus hear the latest developments with PortaPhone and what’s new on the Add-on Mart
April 20, 2023
4:00 pm CET
April 20, 2023
4:00 pm CET

New York – 10:00 am
São Paulo – 11:00 am
London – 3:00 pm
Lagos – 3:00 pm
Central Europe – 4:00 pm
Johannesburg – 4:00 pm
Kyiv / Beirut  – 5:00 pm
New Delhi – 7:30 pm

How you’ll benefit:

Simplify your processes. We’ve used PortaOne client feedback to make your (and your customers’) daily operations faster and less complicated in tons of new ways – get the rundown on what’s changed. 

Get right to what matters. Our 7-week update schedule delivers fast benefits… and lots of information. We’ll spotlight the key advantages of the latest changes to PortaSwitch, PortaPhone, Add-on Mart, and our API.

Gain insights from your peers. Each PortaOne webinar is an opportunity to learn what other CSPs around the world are grappling with and excited about. Join the text chat to keep up with the trends.

Hear immediate answers. Need more clarification? Have a specific question about recent updates and how they apply to your operations? Ask our presenters and get answers right away!

What to expect 

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how you can make use of all the most important new features and updates for the platforms and tools you rely on, including:


  • New self-care portal interface to empower your resellers
  • More ways for businesses to improve their call-in experience
  • Simplified and accelerated troubleshooting and IP block list management 

PortaSwitch API improvements

  • Easier authentication for API method testing
  • Bulk extension uploads
  • Call Control API in standalone mode for site-redundant installations


  • Now available for both iOS and Android
  • New click-to-call widget 
  • Improved documentation and stability for the PortaPhone API
  • Add your own voice/video widgets to websites, web applications, or CRM
  • Plus more new integrations

New to the Add-on Mart

  • More SMS notification capabilities via Twilio (plus other vendors soon)
  • New tax assessment functionality via Compliance Solutions
  • Mobile account self-care web interface
  • New, customizable cloud PBX sign-up portal/e-commerce site

Plus! For attendees only

  • Hints at what’s coming in the next MRs
  • Special access to our latest telco guide: 5 Steps to Supercharge Your Cloud PBX Service

Meet your presenters


Svitlana Melnychuk

PortaOne Project Manager


Mike Kidik

PortaOne Product Development Officer

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