Hardware Requirements

These are generic hardware requirements for PortaSwitch components. Please note these requirements may vary to serve particular purposes in specific networks.

contactIn order to ensure the chosen hardware set 100% satisfies the requirements and provides adequate performance, submit your preferred configuration to PortaOne engineering team for review
prior to placing an order with your hardware vendor.

ComponentPortaBillingPortaSIP & Configuration Servers
Billing and Web ServersDB Servers
CPUs (quad-core)221
Minimum RAM 8GB16GB8GB
Recommended RAM16GB32GB12GB
RAID*1+01+05 or 1+0
Minimum disk space250GB300GB500GB
10K/15K rpm disks

* You need turn on the RAID's option "Force Write Back" into Always mode for Dell hardware.

Total Number of Servers per Installation

PortaBilling PortaBilling
Billing Server1312
Web Server1212
DB Server2322
PortaSIP ServersNANA2
Configuration Server1111

Please note that all servers must:

  • Have DVD-ROM optical drive
  • Have two network (Gigabit Ethernet) ports
  • Be connected to IP KVM (or use a remote access card like Dell DRAC) and remote power switch

In addition to the above, the configuration server must have a USB port.

Please avoid any entry-level or desktop-oriented components - use only high-performance ones, for example:

  • RAID must be write cache enabled
  • CPUs must be of the server type (Xeon or Opteron), with 64bit support, released in 2010 or later, with frequency of 2.2GHz or higher
  • Network adapter must be the "server" model

Download HW compatibility CDIn order to identify whether PortaSwitch can be installed on the specific server you plan to purchase, you must use the "Hardware compatibility CD", provided by PortaOne. Download the CD image and burn it on the CD using any of the CD-recording programs. Boot up from this CD, and PortaSwitch test utility will detect if all of the required components (e.g. network interface) are available and supported by Linux (RedHat).

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