PortaOne iPaaS provisions new devices and applications, decreasing their time-to-market from several months to just a few weeks

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PortaOne iPaaS (integration platform as a service) is a cloud services suite designed to accelerate development and deployment processes for new applications that connect PortaBilling or PortaSIP (together they form PortaSwitch) with external systems. These include IP phones, a mobile network core equipment such as HLR, payment processors, etc.

PortaOne iPaaS hosts each such application as a container in the cloud. Therefore, the code implementing the integration can be easily extended or changed since it is detached from the main PortaSwitch installation that is located on-premise. This eliminates the need for a full update of PortaSwitch when just a single integration (e.g. for a new phone model) is required. Previously, it could take several months to develop and deploy new provisioning functionality to production. With PortaOne iPaaS, the time has been decreased to just 2-3 weeks.

Challenges to address

Imagine there’s a new IP phone model on the market, and you know that selling it would be a powerful market differentiator that could substantially increase the company’s sales. Since the phone was just released, PortaSwitch cannot auto-provision the device yet.

Previously, to create a provisioning interface for a new phone, PortaOne had to develop:
  • A CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment) profile: the user interface to manage phone’s available parameters (e.g., turn on/off features such as HD voice).
  • The actual code to create and deliver the settings to the phone (e.g., a configuration file for the phone in the vendor’s proprietary format).

This development was then to be included in the next maintenance release — and although PortaOne uses a short agile release cycle, it is still 7 weeks. Then a CSP had to upgrade their PortaSwitch to that version.

A software update is a complicated process; it includes long and detailed preparations, many rounds of acceptance testing, staff training and internal processes adjustments, all of which require the deep engagement of the CSP’s engineering team. This process takes another 2-3 months, at the very least. Unfortunately, the CSP loses out on revenue in the interim since it isn’t able to sell the new device during that time. It’s the same with provisioning any new system or application (payment processor, middleware platform, etc).

How does PortaOne iPaaS work?

PortaOne iPaaS stores code (provisioning modules for new IP phones or integration plugins for new payment processors) for each new module in a separate container. A container is a portable software unit that includes all application components, such as code, system tools, system libraries, etc., so it can be executed anywhere. Containers are developed and deployed to the cloud-based PortaOne iPaaS independently from PortaSwitch installations. This enables a continuous integration/delivery approach (CI/CD): once the code is developed and tested in PortaOne’s lab, it can be immediately deployed to PortaOne iPaaS.


When a connection to iPaaS is enabled for on-premise PortaSwitch and the billing environment administrator opens the screen to manage CPE profiles, PortaSwitch queries iPaaS for the list of additional supported device types. So when the container has been developed and started running in the cloud, the name of a new phone model appears in the CSP’s PortaBilling UI immediately, alongside those already implemented via the “traditional” approach.

The rest of the configuration process for creating a new CPE profile and managing the IP phone inventory remains the same as before. Once a subscriber’s new phone line is provisioned and a CPE profile is assigned to it, the data is sent to the iPaaS via an API, processed there by the code in the container and the result (a configuration file for the phone) is sent back. This process effectively substitutes “local” code with its cloud alternative – and the whole process takes less than a minute.

Cloud service functionality to deploy other applications (e.g. payment processors) or systems will be added soon.

Key Benefits of PortaOne iPaaS:

  • Accelerated time-to-market with new offers. Provision the devices, systems or applications that you want in weeks rather than months.
  • Reduced costs to deploy & support devices and applications. Free up your engineers from spending months to prepare for a full update of your PortaOne solution.
  • Enhanced customer experience. Provide your customers with any devices or services and be flexible with new offers.

Please contact our sales team for details and corresponding pricing.

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