2 September 2020

PortaOne webinar: Payment processors and self-care portals via iPaaS


PortaOne iPaaS brings you convenient cloud integration of both payment processors and specialized self-care portals. With your iPaaS subscription, you can quickly add new payment processors to enable support for credit card payments in PortaBilling and use self-care portals.

To demonstrate the integration, we’ve already added the popular Stripe payment system. Stripe accepts over 135 currencies and supports token-based payments, which allows you to accept online payments straight away without the need to pass PCI DSS certification.

Starting with PortaSwitch MR87, any new payment processor integration is readily available to PortaBilling users with an active iPaaS subscription, and can be activated within just one week. For versions MR55 to MR86, the full integration process might take up to two weeks as it requires a backport patch for the specific MR. Either way, the integration via PortaOne iPaaS is much faster than a full system update, which can take months.

We’ll show you all of this in the webinar, and we’ll cover the self-care portals, too. A standard self-care portal is bundled into PortaSwitch. However, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work in a real-world setting.

Most businesses need self-care portals to meet their needs and provide proper UX for their customers. Which is why PortaOne iPaaS allows you to create specialized self-care portals for specific customer types and business models (for example, self-care portals for IP Centrex customers or MVNO subscribers).

You can work with our PortaOne developers to implement the exact custom features and design for the self-care portals or you can bring in any third-party resources. During the webinar, we will demonstrate the example of one such specialized iPaaS-powered SIP Trunking self-care portal. In the future, we also intend to create a cloud-based marketplace where you can choose the ready-made portals that work best for you.

Register for the webinar to learn more and to see examples of the PortaOne iPaaS Stripe and self-care portal integrations in action. But before you do, a quick note: in the coming months, we’ll also be working on creating a self-care portal for IP Centrex subscribers. We’re looking for early adopters who will influence the functionality, scope, and secure special pricing via a pre-sales program. If you’re interested in participating, contact our Sales team.

Join our webinar on September 15, 2020, to learn how to:

  • Enable Stripe as a payment processor from within the PortaBilling web interface
  • Navigate the overall architecture of PortaOne iPaaS integrations
  • Request the integration of a new payment processor into PortaBilling
  • Operate the specialized PortaOne iPaaS-powered self-care portals
  • Participate in the early-adopter program for IP Centrex portal creation



   Alex Rot-Serov,
   Project & Sales Manager

            Olha Tretiakova,
            Project Manager

Date and time:

September 15, 2020

Mexico City - 9:00 AM
New York - 10:00 AM
São Paolo - 11:00 AM
London - 3:00 PM
Western / Central Europe - 4:00 PM
Eastern Europe - 5:00 PM
Dubai - 6:00 PM

We hold a Q&A session at the end of each webinar, but if you want any special topic-related issues to be covered, please send your questions to webinar@portaone.com. We’ll be glad to answer them.

Note: During the conference, your microphones will be muted, but you can always type your questions via the Chat/Q&A window.

See you at the webinar!



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