Replace Audiocodes MobilityPLUS with WebTrit + PortaOne

Switch to a multi-platform app with better voice quality, smart contact sync, brandability and the ease to integrate with anything.

Why you should switch

Audiocodes has officially discontinued MobilityPLUS!
Take this opportunity to update and improve your VoIP services and seamlessly transition to the next big thing. Replace an end-of-life service with this must-have innovative and user-friendly solution to handle voice and video.

It’s Easier Than You Think!

Replace MobilityPLUS in 4 easy steps and expect next to ZERO extra investment of time when you partner with PortaOne.


Upload your brand colors and design elements once, and receive a customized, updated version of the app after every release.


Advanced integrations or UI changes without the hassle. We provide your development team with full access to the app source code.


All you need to do is simply publish it in any app store with the press of a button.


No need for your customers to manually enter their data. Activation and settings updates are done automatically via SMS or QR code.

20% off!

Celebrating PortaOne’s 20st anniversary we are giving a welcome discount if you join our community of happy, hardworking telecom professionals within

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But that's not all. There's more!

Must-have features and benefits you will soon wonder how you did without.

Look good on any device

Easily modify the interface to maintain your brand’s look and feel, allowing YOUR brand (not ours) to shine through.

Why PortaOne?

Reliable and Seasoned

Telco software solutions provider for small and mid-sized operators for over 20 years.

Embraced by

500+ clients in over 90 countries around the globe.

Hard Working

83% of our customers ranked our support as the "best they ever worked with"

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About PortaOne

PortaOne has been developing billing, business support systems, and cloud telephony software for communication service providers for over two decades. We’ve helped over 500 forward-thinking telcos in 100+ countries become market leaders while keeping the total cost of ownership for their business support systems under control.

We offer an unlimited lifetime license, and our open-architecture platform lets our customers quickly develop new services in-house. We give access to the source code to our customers to ensure security validation and transparency.

Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed.

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