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Trusted by over 500 telecommunication service providers in 100+ countries.

3 reasons why it’s time to switch to PortaOne

Your costs for support and licensing just keep on increasing

and money is pouring out of your pockets …

PortaOne offers you 200% more value compared to your current vendor

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Worried your PBX vendor is phasing out its perpetual license

forcing you to move to a pricey subscription plan

PortaOne's license is perpetual and unlimited

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Your vendor's standard PBX offerings are limiting and no longer enough

and customers are demanding more features …

PortaOne supports CPaaS, integrations, and a VAS marketplace

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How to save $1,000,000 with PortaOne in 4 steps

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Choose PortaSwitch over your current vendor’s solutions and watch your savings on ownership increase by at least $1 million over just 5 years. Take advantage of PortaOne’s ‘no nickel-and-dime’ way of doing business thanks to unlimited and perpetual licenses.

Install PortaSwitch

No need to replace your current solution, just use PortaOne alongside it for new customers

Sell 10,000 PBX seats

Do it over 5 years and enjoy watching the savings build up

Activate new features for free at any time

Benefit from predictable costs and achieve peace of mind

See an increase in profits

Compared to your current vendor's fee structure

From little fish to respected partner

With other vendors, you are just another number in a sea of billing accounts. At PortaOne, you are a respected partner.

Our CEO will actually know your name and you his.

Our Special Offer

3 months of SaaS with 24/7 technical support

Give us 12 weeks to prove our value – we think the choice will be obvious. You don’t need to invest until you are 100% confident: pay only for initial setup and support during the trial. If you’re not sold, simply cancel with no hard feelings.


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We understand that changing providers is a big leap. So we’ve made it easy with a low-cost, no-commitment trial.

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What differences should you expect?

Check out how PortaOne provides more high-quality features, more integration options, and more transparency to make your life easier. See for yourself why PortaSwitch is the best alternative to ‘you-know-who’ on the market today.

About PortaOne

PortaOne has been developing billing, business support systems, and cloud telephony software for communication service providers for over two decades. We’ve helped over 500 forward-thinking telcos in 100+ countries become market leaders while keeping the total cost of ownership for their business support systems under control.

We offer an unlimited lifetime license, and our open-architecture platform lets our customers quickly develop new services in-house. We give access to the source code to our customers to ensure security validation and transparency.

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