Having troubles during upgrades?

Perform quick, painless, and predictable rollouts of new software versions, with your favorite, new telco tool for gradual software updates.

Updating software is a tricky, time-consuming process, especially in telecom

It carries the risk of unexpected downtime meaning customer experience plunges, and it demands constant effort and focus from your engineering and dev-ops teams.

The overwhelming demand for all of these resources leads many Communication Service Providers to fall behind, operating outdated software and missing new market opportunities.

update problem
To help, we created

Dual Version Solution​

for gradual software updates and migration of batches of customers to the new release, avoiding the risks of unexpected downtime and impaired user experience.

Mitigate risks when upgrading or rolling out new features

Speed up the process, allowing for a shorter update schedule

Avoid negative experiences or gaps in service

Minimize unplanned downtime

How it works

We designed Dual Version for PortaSwitch, but like all PortaOne solutions, it’s open and adaptable. Here’s how it works:


Select features

Render a release and create customer batches for targeted, low-risk testing, and release



Perform swift, controlled rollbacks for specific batches to see if any issues are detected


Gather feedback

Communicate directly with customers within each batch to gain actionable understanding of the release's performance​



Release new features to all of your customers only when you have batch-tested to 100% confidence

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