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The current situation

These are some of the shouts from our PortaOne team members, currently working from a war zone.

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Every day the Russian federation is bombing Ukrainian cities, lying to their citizens, propagating racism and violating international conventions. It must be stopped!

Big cities are being attacked, houses and infrastructure are being destroyed. Our main goal should be to continue applying all possible forces towards Russians until they withdraw their troops, stop shelling, rockets, stop airstrikes.


The National Bank of Ukraine

A special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This account accepts transfers in multiple currencies (USD, euros, GBP) and hryvnias.



Directly supports the unified account in the National Bank of Ukraine. Once a day, all donated money is transferred to the sole account at the National Bank of Ukraine to help the Ukrainian army.


The Embassy of Ukraine in the UK

has set up a special fund to support Ukraine. You can donate by card, PayPal or bank transfer.


Polish Humanitarian Action

Has been working tirelessly on the Polish / Ukrainian border. They provide humanitarian aid including food and other forms of support to people fleeing their homes.


Nova Ukraine

Has been providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine since 2013. Donations are allocated daily to frontline volunteers helping provide emergency resources to refugees and those who remain. Donate via PayPal or crypto.


Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization, one of the largest in the region and operating since 2014. It helps Ukrainian military, volunteers, and their families in the current Russo-Ukrainian War on the basis of crowdfunding.

Other ways you can help


Spread the word

Your actions can influence others. Make your voice heard and share this page on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else.


Request Actions

Contact your member of congress, MP, etc. and request specific actions to stop the invasion. Click below to easily access your representatives in US Congress; check your local sources for other countries.


Host a family

Ukrainian refugees will be arriving to new and unknown places globally. Reach out to a local organization to see if you are able to welcome these families into your communities. Become a host with these sites:


Support free press and freedom of expression

For those shedding light on unfair and inhumane treatment of our global citizens.


Attend a protest or manifestation

Many people across the globe have already come together in large groups to support Ukraine. You can join them and show your support against the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army.


Donate goods

Such as clothing, toiletries and supplies for babies. Many local organizations have already started accepting donations of clothing items, personal hygiene and more. If you can, find a local group where you can send some things.

Other international organizations

Many international organizations have long been supporting people around the world in disaster and emergency situations. Consider donating to them.


Doctors Without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is working to set up emergency response activities in Ukraine and dispatching teams to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia.


The International Red Cross

Has already been operating in Ukraine and surrounding regions for the past 8 years and will continue to do so by providing food, fuel for heating, medical supplies and support for housing.



Already on the ground in eastern Ukraine for years, is ramping up assistance for children, delivering safe water to families, providing medical attention, nutrition and education, as well as protecting children from violence and abuse.

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