Here you can find answers to questions related to the integration of PortaSwitch with third party applications, interconnecting PortaSwitch with VoIP equipment from other vendors, and using various types of end-points (SIP phones, PC diallers or mobile communication clients).

Can your product integrate with other data service or content service providers?

Yes, certainly. One of PortaBilling’s greatest strengths is its flexibility in processing a variety of services, including SMS, Internet, WiFi, WiMAX and IPTV. PortaBilling supports the RADIUS and Diameter protocols for real-time charging. However, if your network equipment is unable to communicate via RADIUS or Diameter, then billing data can be imported via a CDR import, or delivered using PortaBilling API.

Can PortaBilling be used with mobile communication networks (MVNO, MVNE)?

Yes, it can. PortaBilling does not depend on the physical carrier protocols used to transmit voice. It can authorize and charge for calls made in the 4G/LTE network using Diameter. For 3G networks, where Diameter is not available, PortaBilling can perform real-time charging through CAMEL (using a CAMEL-Diameter gateway supplied by our technology partners). Roaming charges can be imported from TAP3 CDR files using a CDR import module.

We already have several customers providing MVNO/MVNE services. Some integration is usually required (e.g. provisioning data into HLR/HSS); how much depends on the carrier’s infrastructure. For more information about MVNO integration, please contact

Can I import and process roaming charges from TAP3 files?

Yes, PortaBilling includes a CDR Mediation module, which allows CDR import from a variety of file formats, including TAP3. After the CDRs are extracted from the file, they are placed in intermediate storage for mediation and then imported into PortaBilling for rating. The administrator can monitor the results, make necessary adjustments to the configuration, and re-run the rating process.

In addition to 4G/LTE, can I also charge for services in the 3G network via CAMEL?

PortaOne has technology partners which provide gateways from legacy 3G/CDMA protocols such as CAMEL or WIN into Diameter. This allows you to use PortaBilling as an OCS for any type of mobile network.

Does PortaOne provide a mobile app for SIP communication?

We focus on developing carrier-grade, backend infrastructure solutions that enable our customers to offer a variety of communication services such as voice, wireless broadband, hosted IP PBX, and so on – all from a single platform.

For mobile clients/apps, we have technology partners that market and support professional ready-to-use, PortaSwitch pre-integrated products. Please contact to receive up-to-date contact and other information.

However, any SIP communication client (with basic compliance for SIP RFC) from a third-party client should work fine as well.

What kind of IP phones can be used?

Any SIP phone (assuming it is compliant with SIP RFC) should work fine with PortaSwitch, so you are free to choose the vendors that best meet your business and network requirements.

We have done interoperability testing with certain vendors (Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom, Sipura/Linksys, Yealink, etc.) to confirm that their phones work properly with PortaSwitch, and we also use those phones during quality assurance testing for each new release.

How well does PortaSwitch operate with equipment from other carriers?

PortaSwitch is fully RFC compliant, so it should work with any other SIP RFC compliant carrier equipment. Our customers have successfully connected with vendors using Cisco GWs, Genband (Nextone), Sonus, Acme Packet (Oracle) and other SBCs and gateways.

In order to facilitate a connection to equipment that has certain peculiarities, or which is not 100% RFC compliant, PortaSwitch includes a Service Policies module, which allows SIP dialogs to be adjusted and tweaked per endpoint.

What network equipment can PortaBilling collect billing data from?

PortaBilling can collect real-time charging data using either the Diameter or RADIUS protocols.

For other types of network equipment or third-party applications, PortaBilling includes a CDR Mediation module which makes it easy to configure data import from virtually any file format.

Can PortaSwitch integrate with CRM software?

Yes. We have done successful integration with RT, a ticket tracking and CRM tool from Customers have also successfully integrated with other CRM tools via XML API (Sugar CRM).

Which vendors of mobile network core / EPC (such as Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia) are integrated with PortaBilling?

PortaBilling uses 3GPP standard interfaces (such as Diameter) for connecting to mobile network core elements, so from this perspective we are vendor-agnostic. The only situation when some vendor-specific integration may be required is if vendor uses proprietary protocols (for instance SOAP API for subscriber provisioning into HLR/HSS). Open architecture of PortaBilling allows to create a plugin module for such integration in a matter of days. Please contact our sales team and we can provide contacts for reference customers, who will be happy to share details about specific vendors / equipment used on their mobile network.

PortaSwitch: Integration with third parties

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