Telecom Service Provider TE Data JORDAN Credits Its Fast Success To PortaSwitch Softswitch/Billing Platform

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Growing Service Provider Says PortaSwitch`s Multiple Features, Customer Self-Care, Limitless Scalability and Technical Stability Drive Its Growth in Hotly Competitive Local Market

A savvy international customer base, tight competition, and a dynamic regulatory environment; while these business conditions might be the norm in any number of places around the world, nowhere are they more prevalent than in the fast-changing Middle East.

There, an upcoming liberalization of markets as well as dramatic social and economic changes create huge challenges and opportunities for telecommunication service providers. TE Data JORDAN, a fully owned subsidiary of the largest Egyptian ISP, TE Data EGYPT S.A.E., has positioned itself to take advantage of this situation by creating a major regional IP node in Jordan through which it is offering a full range of ISP services. Chief among these offerings are Internet data and telephony—and since the earliest days of its go-to-market strategy, TE Data JORDAN has relied on PortaOne`s PortaSwitch to drive its business.

Because PortaSwitch is so comprehensive, we use it as a converged system for both our Internet data services and our various retail voice offerings. Our customers are able to make international calls to any country in the world through our diverse SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] and PPCC [Pre-Paid Calling Card] services. And they can maintain their own accounts through PortaSwitch`s provisioning and billing features.”
Mr. Moataz Abo Elenien, General Manager of TE Data JORDAN

Capable of handling the complete call control, routing, proxying, and converged billing functions of a diversified digital services company, the PortaSwitch software platform consists of a real-time billing system, class 4/5 SIP softswitch, and media applications delivering a wide range of capabilities. Carrier grade billing and provisioning services, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, callback management, IVRs, conferencing, and much more, are all made possible by PortaSwitch.

According to Mr. Abo Elenien, the benefits of PortaSwitch have made many of TE Data JORDAN`s most important business goals possible. Its quick start was due in part to the ease with which PortaSwitch can be installed and configured. But the platform also made possible one of the carrier`s key operational advantages—the ability to let customers manage their own accounts.

PortaSwitch provides ACL [Access Control List] support, giving us the ability to grant, or deny, access to specific fields or data on a customer-by-customer basis. This gives us real flexibility to customize billing options depending on the class of customer or a specific service set. It has allowed us to lower operating costs while actually improving customer service.”

Mr. Moataz Abo Elenien, General Manager of TE Data JORDAN

As TE Data JORDAN has grown, Mr. Abo Elenien notes that PortaSwitch has reliably supported its large and expanding call volume. Even more, the infrastructure is easily upgradable to meet anticipated demand—an important consideration, given the company`s plans to offer professional services to neighboring countries.

Three years ago, TE Data JORDAN added Premium PortaCare, PortaOne`s top technical maintenance option, ensuring that it gets the technical support it needs.

Through Premium PortaCare we get a great support team, access to the dedicated 24/7 contact center, and complimentary onsite training. Our urgent questions are handled very fast—sometimes in minutes.”

Mr. Moataz Abo Elenien, General Manager of TE Data JORDAN

TE Data JORDAN has highly ambitious plans, Mr. Abo Elenien stated, to provide its markets with a menu of high tech services that will help bring Internet penetration to Jordan and other countries in the region. PortaSwitch is considered an essential part of those plans.

PortaSwitch has helped bring us to where we are today. It has given us a very strong basis upon which to build our future success.”

Mr. Moataz Abo Elenien, General Manager of TE Data JORDAN
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