Redworks Selects PortaSwitch To Power All Its Integrated VoIP And Hosted IP PBX Services

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PortaOne’s Converged VoIP Billing and Service Management Platform will Drive Dutch Telecom’s Solutions for SMBs, Enterprises, and Retail Stores.

PortaOne announced today that Redworks, a Netherland-based diversified provider of telephony, Internet and data services, has selected PortaSwitch as its core telecommunications services and subscriber management platform. PortaSwitch will drive not only Redworks’ integrated VoIP and hosted IP PBX services for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and larger enterprises, but also its IP payment solutions for retail businesses.

PortaSwitch, a Class 5-level product, is able to handle the full range of call control and billing functions of a heterogeneous digital services company, from billing and service provisioning to advanced call features, monitoring and reporting. The comprehensive product consists of a real-time billing system, Class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch, and application servers that deliver converged VoIP billing and service provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, callback management, IVRs, conferencing and more.

Redworks chose PortaSwitch based on its experiences with the system through a third-party telecom systems infrastructure provider.

We were using a hosted partition of PortaSwitch and were impressed with its dependability and complete feature set. PortaSwitch is able to handle the sophisticated routing we need to terminate calls based on cost, ASR or other factors. Its high availability and easy mobility suits the wide range of needs required by our business and retail customers.”

Leslie Herps, Redworks director

PortaSwitch will enable Redworks to remain very competitive in a rapidly changing Dutch telecommunications marketplace. As business customers in the Netherlands continue to seek lower cost alternatives to expensive fixed telephony systems, Redworks will be able to rely on PortaSwitch to deliver exceptional reliability and quality of service within the VoIP environment.”

Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne

Redworks is one of the Netherland’s fastest-growing telecommunications companies. Amid a challenging global economy, the government-approved telecom has experienced remarkable 25% month-over-month growth; its 2009 revenues, in fact, marked a 1,200% increase over the prior year. The company attributes its success to its unique bundling of Internet, VoIP and call handling services that help businesses of many sizes and types become more efficient while reducing their communications costs.

In addition to hosted IP PBX capability and VoIP calls, the company offers IP-based transaction processing for retailers as well as network, Internet, website hosting and data backup/restore services. To ensure quality of service over its IP networks, Redworks deploys innovative line monitoring scripts that constantly monitor availability and performance. The scripts trigger alarms and if necessary, automatic reinstatement if service is jeopardized.

Also unique to Redworks is its commitment to redundancy and reliability throughout its infrastructure. It has invested in redundant server power supplies, multiple redundant circuit uplinks, a high availability server platform, and redundant tier providers in multiple international locations. Should a failure take place at one point of presence, another will replicate in fractions of a millisecond to ensure uninterrupted service.

PortaSwitch is designed to reinforce redundant systems like Redworks. Redundancy and high availability are considered very important at PortaOne. Even basic PortaBilling100 and PortaSwitch setups include data redundancy by default: the product architecture assumes there is constant data replication between Master and Slave databases. Fully redundant solutions like PortaSwitch Procinctus, where every business critical component is clustered, are also available to ensure the highest service availability essential for modern telecommunication providers and carriers.”

Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne
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