SimPBX: get more out of PortaBilling for your IP Centrex platform


How to better set up PortaBilling for hosted IP PBX billing processes?

PortaOne’s goal has always been to provide the most reliable, easy-to-use and customer-friendly billing and provisioning platform on the market today. mackbook logoPortaOne’s main product, PortaBilling is a business and operation support system (B/OSS) that numerous worldwide providers have already deployed. And since PortaBilling was created for different types of businesses it turned out to be quite a complex system, which is why there is always the opportunity to improve its user interface to make it less labor-intensive and time-consuming. While operating, applying and working with PortaBilling, telecom operators, service providers and VoIP resellers need to access solutions that offer their customers uncomplicated usability. After all, simplifying and automating daily workflow processes are vital to growing a business.


What is Erveso and why is it important for PortaSwitch IP Centrex platform users?

During all the years of PortaBilling’s product existence, various companies have offered an assortment of solutions for working with it. Among them are applications that provide process automation, user-friendly interfaces and mobile apps to configure customer PBX environments within PortaBilling. Dutch software developer Erveso delivered one of the most successful interfaces for PortaBilling users. Founded in 2014, Erveso is an outcome of PortaOne's relationship with Breezz Communications Group BV, a Dutch telecom now part of Vodafone Ziggo, the Netherlands' largest fixed and mobile operator.


What is SimPBX and how can it help PortaBilling telecoms and their clients to set up hosted IP PBX platform?

SimPBX logo
Erveso designed SimPBX specifically for PortaBilling with the idea of simplifying the tasks of IPPBX configuration and management. This front-end software offers telecoms a user-friendly intetablet logorface that easily manages hosted PBX customer environments within industry-famous PortaOne's product. This web-based service helps telcos and their end users manage customers, provision devices, configure phones and assign numbers – in just a few clicks. It can also forward voicemail to email, create and modify devices, handle ring groups and call transfers and even manage Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and announcements.


How does SimPBX make the use of hosted IP PBX platform easier with PortaBilling in 5 simple steps?

Not only can SimPBX users create customer environments in just a few clicks, but also:

  • Web-based access allows you to easily change settings anywhere via a mobile device. For example, if a small business owner cannot be available for the next few hours, with a simple click he can change his availability, and then all incoming calls will go to his voice mail.
  • SimPBX integrates with any PortaBilling Maintenance Release.
  • Its user-friendly interface saves time by making it easy for hosted IP PBX business customers to manage their own encalendar logovironments.
  • With the help of the Time Window feature, SimPBX users can easily configure their availability. Once the active hours per week or day have been set up, the Time Window shows when a call forward, IVR or device within a ring group can be active.
  • Additional functionalities include showing instantly retrieved balance information from PortaBilling’s database. Any of them can be added at any time by request.

What do SimPBX customers say about their experience with PortaBilling telecom B/OSS?

Our sales have been growing enormously since we started using SimPBX. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for our hosted PBX business customers to manage their own environment. And it saves our time too!” Klaas Koopman, PortaSwitch virtual environment user "I can adapt the availability of my company anywhere via my mobile device. SimPBX makes my life easier." Frank Vermunt, BenF Media, A1 Internet’s end user


Why is SimPBX an important part of PortaBilling ecosystem as a service delivery platform for hosted IP PBX?

PortaSwitch and PortaBilling in particular, give such great value that a third-party ecosystem of products is created – and the increasing numbers of new products and satisfied customers steadily confirm that. Erveso, started by former Breezz CEO Erik Garritsen, adds a lot to the increase in services that support PortaOne's telecom infrastructure platforms. SimPBX uncomplicates the lives of telecom operators, service providers, VoIP resellers and their customers.

World on the move: how can PortaSwitch help service providers with a combined fixed mobile convergence solution together with Audiocodes?


How does PortaOne telecom unified service delivery platform support the fixed mobile convergence?

The business world has been changing and becoming more global. For enterprises whose locations are geographically distributed, employees travel frequently and spend more of business hours out of the job place, so a typical working day can no longer be described as sitting in an office.

Telecom companies сannot afford to situate outside of this trend, so one by one, are moving toward using Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). This solution seamlessly switches between mobile and local fixed networks. In order to help telecoms, PortaOne with Audiocodes provides carrier-grade telecom FMC solution that links all the processes to several devices, regardless of whether they are desktop or pocket ones. As a result, telecom customers can use multiple assorted devices while enjoying the services of a single provider.


How can service providers use PortaSwitch to offer one-phone-solution that works everywhere?

Linking one account among multiple devices with the advanced capability of managing the entire call flow is the life-dream of employees everywhere who, due to frequent domestic and international travel, spend most of their days using smartphones.

A daily routine finds these employees on their smartphones to check and reply to emails, make local and long distance calls, check voicemail accounts, significantly logon to the Internet.

When employees are traveling, at a meeting with a client, or at the working desk, they should never miss an important call. Moreover, in the case that they cannot pick up a call, it should be transferred to the next available colleague or offer opportunity to leave a voice message on voicemail. To be always in touch, employees need to receive calls virtually everywhere, whether through being directly connected to a company's private telephone network over WiFi or via wireless data networks. If not, month will end for this company with exorbitant telephone bills.


What is the combined AudioCodes / PortaOne solution for unified service delivery platform?

For saving time, money, and to stay connected any place in the world, PortaOne and AudioCodes offer a perfect solution.

  • Easy to use IP phones:PortaSwitch by PortaOne supports the auto-provisioning of AudioCodes 400HD series phones. These IP phones, with their intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, are much less complex than some and require much less effort in use. The user needs only to plug it in, listen to the welcome message and then immediately place a call.
  • Fully managed OTT apps: Since any landline phone loses its value once outside the office, AudioCodes created MobilityPLUS. This is a smartphone application that is available for both Android and iOS phones, backed up by a corresponding server component that automatically manages updates, configurations and upgrades. With this application a mobile phone has the same features as a business IP phone. Additionally, the service provider can use the white labeling option to promote its own brand or even create a new name.

What is the role of PortaSwitch to deliver SIP calls from mobile apps and IP phones?

PortaSwitch is the indispensable back-end element in this scenario as it consists of PortaBilling, B/OSS and OCS platforms and PortaSIP, a class 4/5 softswitch.

PortaBilling makes sure that end users have access only to the services they are allowed to have according to their product configurations. Additionally, it authorizes calls, does the accounting and invoicing for these services. Equally important, PortaSIP guarantees that calls placed correctly from both desk phones and mobile applications are terminated via the right vendors.


Why is the PortaOne / AudioCodes solution so exceptional?

PortaOne and AudioCodes offer service providers a complete solution for all of their voice over IP needs. Furthermore, for their clients, large enterprises and residential customers, this joint solution suggests s a level of enjoyment that includes high quality voice connectivity, simple intuitive design, automated managing processes as well as easy-to-understand features and workflows.

The combination of these two platforms has been designed to ensure direct positive impact on any server providers’ business by increasing user satisfaction, productivity, decreasing the cost of deployment complexity, effort exerted and number of company invoices.

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