PortaOne helps telco providers get a comprehensive view of their business with its PortaBI visualization & analytics tool


Having reliable, up-to-date and easy-to-understand data about your business activities means the same as when a car driver has the proper navigation panel – it gives them the ability to drive quickly but safely! Even with the abundance of data that floats around customers, revenues and products these days, a report user can struggle to extract what matters most for him. With the understanding of this challenge, PortaOne developed the PortaBI product – a specific tool for CSP report users with one simple idea in mind: to help them all get easy access to the most important data to help them manage their businesses wisely and excel in their day-to-day jobs.

PortaBI dashboards are beneficial for all different types of CSP report users, e.g. business executives, product managers, financial controllers and others. PortaBI dashboards provide insights for both strategic and operational decision-making procedures.


For CSP users, the PortaBI module provides several key benefits:

  • Self-defined dashboards. With PortaBI it’s very easy to create your own dashboards. You don’t even need to be a programming expert, or possess knowledge of database management, data tables structure and / or other technical details. Just simply select the data filters you need and the PortaBI will provide an easy-to-use dashboard that’s specifically suited for your needs. You can also create a completely new report and then use it as a template to generate other reports.
  • Best-of-class business intelligence tool. PortaBI leverages the comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities of Tableau Software solution – an industry leader in business intelligence software solutions, used across different vertical markets for data-grounded decision-making. This solution is widely adopted by telecom industry players and provides meaningful insights into customer data, product usage and revenue streams.
  • Easy-to-access model. PortaBI is provided under the SaaS model and is accessible through any standard web browser. The cloud delivery model helps report users get access to their dashboards from any device, with no additional software installation or updates necessary, and therefore reduces the time required to get hold of a necessary report upon request!

PortaBI maintains its own copy of data, stored in the cloud. Activities or events that happen on your PortaSwitch® system arrive there with minimal delay (up to an hour). While historical data in the PortaSwitch® database are normally purged to optimize real-time performance, the events in your PortaBI cloud storage can remain there for many years to allow for a retrospective view that provides accurate trend info and reasonable business projections.

PortaBI is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU. When the data are exported to the cloud data warehouse, private data (such as names or phone numbers) are either aggregated or removed – so no private subscriber data ever leaves your installation.

PortaBI is available on an SaaS basis for all existing PortaOne customers who run PortaBilling® or PortaSwitch® solutions with maintenance release MR55 or higher.

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