30 July 2020

PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 86 now available

Retain customers long-term using commitments, deliver calls to a multi-PBX enterprise environment using SIP redirect server, increase the efficiency of support operations with the Zendesk ticketing system – all with the new PortaSwitch MR86. Find out more in the New Features Guide.


With the commitments feature, service providers can offer services with discounts for set periods of time. If customers cancel the contract before a discount’s end date, they pay a penalty – the sum of all the discounts provided since they signed up for the commitment. After the commitment discount ends, customers continue using the services but pay a full recurring fee although they can cancel the services at any time without a penalty. For example, the standard monthly price for Internet service is $20. To pay $15 and save $5 per month on Internet service, customers sign up for a two-year commitment. If the customer decides to cancel their two-year commitment after 12 months of usage, they pay a $60 penalty, which is the sum of the discounts for their 12 months of service usage.

Revenue increase
Retain customers long-term, from one year to several years.
Customer experience
Meet your customers’ needs by providing discounts for extended periods.

Pausing the service

Customers can pause the service, and thereby stop the charges several times per year. Let’s say John Doe takes a vacation for a month. He won't be able to use the service. To save money, John pauses the service: during this period, no charges apply and services are unavailable. When the service pause period ends, the service is resumed, and charges apply. The option of pausing the service is available within the commitments feature.

Costs control
Enable customers to save money by pausing the service charges.

Delivering incoming calls to customers with redirect servers

Big SIP trunking customers such as contact centers, corporations, the government sector, etc., have complex SIP infrastructure, which includes several PBXs. To balance the load and distribute traffic among PBXs, customers may deploy a redirect server. When PortaSIP sends an incoming call request, the redirect server replies with a 302 (“Moved Temporarily”) response, which includes a new PBX IP address to send the call to. Then PortaSIP delivers the call to the PBX where the called party currently resides. To prevent fraud (e.g. when a call is redirected to a premium number on another telco’s network), the administrator beforehand enables the processing of redirects and adds the IP addresses of the allowed PBXs to deliver calls to.

Operational agility
Serve more demanding customers who have complex SIP infrastructure.

Integration with Zendesk

Service providers can now use Zendesk as a support ticketing system that’s integrated with PortaBilling. Zendesk helps support agents to track and process customer requests. When a new customer is created in PortaBilling, its record with contact information (customer’s name, domain, email, phone number) is automatically provisioned to Zendesk, so the support agent can execute the search from within Zendesk UI. If support agents require more information about a customer, they can open the customer’s record in PortaBilling by clicking on a link in Zendesk. PortaBilling administrators, in their turn, can see the customer’s list of Zendesk tickets on the PortaBilling web interface and open a specific ticket with a single click. This helps to process common customer requests more quickly.

If you don’t use Zendesk yet, contact our Sales department to assist you with proper activation of a Zendesk account, etc.

Operational agility
Enable instant access to PortaBilling customer records for support agents and to Zendesk tickets for PortaBilling administrators.
Track time that support agents spend on solving tickets per customer.
Customer experience
Enhance the support agents’ experience when using Zendesk.

Sending invoicing-related events to Odoo CRM

Service providers can send payment reminders via Odoo CRM (customer relationship management). PortaBilling automatically notifies Odoo CRM about invoicing-related events and customer status changes. Then this information can be used to send customers invoice notifications and payment reminders in SMS messages and emails via Odoo. For example, when a new invoice is created for John Doe, PortaBilling notifies Odoo by sending the customer name, invoice number and the amount due. After that, Odoo sends an SMS notification to John to remind him to pay for the service.

Operational agility
Send invoice notifications and improve the payment collections process.

Italian language is fully supported for IVR

The Italian language is now fully supported for all IVR applications. For example, service messages are now in Italian for conferencing, voice mailboxes, auto attendants, etc. Service providers become more appealing to native Italian-speaking customers since they can now provide services with IVR applications in their native language.

Customer experience
Localized IVR service for the Italian market.

You can find more details on other PortaSwitch enhancements in the New Features Guide.



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