14 February 2020

PortaOne announces the availability of the maintenance release MR83

Receive new functionality via PortaOne iPaaS, charge your users for roaming calls in real-time, send outgoing calls via the dispatching SBC, use the CyberSource payment processor to launch online payments – all with the new PortaSwitch MR83. Learn more in the New Features Guide.

PortaOne iPaaS

You can now receive new provisioning functionality via PortaOne iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) without having to update your whole system to the newest release. PortaOne iPaaS is a provisioning solution designed to deliver new functionality in containers. The containers are deployed in the cloud independently from your PortaSwitch® installation. To receive the service, subscribe to PortaOne iPaaS and have the service available in your PortaSwitch® within a couple of hours.

This drastically reduces the time to market new services. You also save time on preparation for the system update and dealing with post-update issues.

CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) provisioning is the first functionality available via PortaOne iPaaS. Auto-provisioning for Yealink W80B, a DECT IP multi-cell base station is supported.

Operational agility
Accelerate the time to market for new offers
Revenue increase
Increase your sales by providing new offers in short terms
Costs control
Reduce the costs to launch a new service by eliminating the involvement of your team in system update preparation
Customer experience
Meet your customers’ needs with new devices and functionality that differentiate your business

Dispatching SBC as an entry/exit point

By default, the dispatching SBC handles the incoming calls in dual-version / site-redundant PortaSwitch® while PortaSIP® sends outgoing calls to an external SIP URI or the static IP of an IP PBX and vendor gateways directly. You can now send both incoming and outgoing calls via the dispatching SBC. Your vendors, wholesale and SIP trunking customers do not have to adjust their configuration (e.g. firewall rules) to accept requests from a different IP. Thus, their equipment processes calls as if nothing changed.

Customer experience
Save efforts for your customers and vendors to adjust their configuration

Real-time billing for roaming calls

Prices for roaming calls differ depending on the visited network – the network a user is registered in while visiting another country. To simplify price definitions, networks with similar pricing are grouped into roaming zones. Now you can bill users in real-time for calls depending on the roaming zone. When a user makes or receives a call from abroad, PortaBilling® identifies their roaming zone using the phone number of the application server that processes the call. Then PortaBilling® selects the corresponding roaming tariff to charge the user. The whole configuration is done on the PortaBilling® web interface. Thus, you give users a clear idea of their expenses while they are roaming. They can better control their balance and avoid bill shock.

Costs control
Charge your users differently based on roaming networks in real-time

CyberSource payment processor

PortaBilling® is integrated with CyberSource – one of the leading payment systems worldwide. CyberSource supports token-based payments and stores the whole credit card information on their side. This saves you from passing the time-consuming PCI DSS certification and enables launching online payments almost immediately. As a result, you minimize the time to market for services. Your customers can configure recurring auto-payments to pay their invoices.

Operational agility
Reduce the time to launch the online payments

Read about other enhancements in the New Features Guide.



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