7 June 2019

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR78)

mr_78_logoPortaOne announces the release of the new PortaSwitch® MR78 ahead of schedule. This release features a handful of useful integrations, namely:
  • Real-time content-based charging via Protei P-GW
  • The Remita payment processor
  • Location-based data access control

Real-time content-based charging via Protei P-GW

This integration with Protei enables CSPs to authorize and charge users for Internet services, control user access to the network and introduce content-based charging in real-time. The P-GW supports rating groups, performs policy control and reports traffic usage to PortaBilling® OCS. This enables CSPs to flexibly configure services (e.g. grant 1GB of default quota and offer additional quotas for online gaming, YouTube videos, social networks, etc.) and manage throughput per Internet traffic type. PortaBilling® is also integrated with other core components by Protei, such as PCRF, HSS and SCP (Diameter-CAMEL gateway). Thus, CSPs receive a ready-to-use ecosystem for building their network infrastructure, and that minimizes the time to launch their mobile services on the market.

Remita payment processor

This integration with the Remita payment processor expands the list of payment systems available for Nigerian CSPs. Remita is the payment system with “external authorization,” wherein all credit card details are handled by Remita. This simplifies the security verification process for CSPs to introduce e-payment operations and as a result, reduces their time-to-market.

Location-based data access control

Now MVNOs can track user locations and block access to roaming data when users connect to ultra-expensive networks (e.g. on board a cruise ship or in an airplane). In so doing, MVNOs decrease their users’ overdraft and save them from bill shock. For example, you can block data access for “Aerospace or Maritime” locations by default. PortaBilling® processes Location Update (LU) or Mediated Usage Records (MUR) files received from the mobile core and then analyzes the user’s location. If it matches the Aerospace or Maritime location, PortaBilling® provisions the mobile core to block data access for the user. In the current implementation, PortaBilling® and the mobile core communicate through the ECConnect EAP – the provisioning solution for Australian MVNOs. Upon your request, the location analysis plugin can be extended to operate with your network core components and thus, meet your business needs.



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