26 April 2019

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR77)

mr_77_logoPortaOne announces the availability of a new maintenance release, PortaSwitch® MR77.

Highlights in MR77-0

  • Beneficiary accounts
  • Subscriber data provisioning to Sandvine DPI
  • Optus mobile core provisioning via ECConnect EAP
  • Invoice data export to SAP Business One ERP
  • Service configuration management from within PortaPhone

Beneficiary accounts

Beneficiary accounts have only a service configuration. They are linked to regular accounts and consume the balance, products and quotas of those accounts. Unlike aliases, beneficiary accounts can have an individual service configuration (e.g. a separate SIM, different Internet speed limit, etc.). By using beneficiary accounts, you can offer twin card / data card services to your customers. For example, let’s say a customer already uses your mobile services on his phone. In addition to his main SIM card, he orders an extra SIM card to use the LTE service from the tablet on the same contract. You create a beneficiary account that links to the main one and assign an additional SIM card to it. Thus, all usage from the second SIM card is billed to the customer’s main account.

With beneficiary accounts, you enable your customers to combine and share their quotas among particular accounts (e.g. assign a quota to the Sales department only). This provides more flexibility for quota consumption compared with using quotas assigned at the customer level. Customers can save on their additional subscriptions and manage a single balance, which encourages them to use more of the services you provide.

Subscriber data provisioning to Sandvine DPI

Sandvine DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) is the platform for network traffic management. It enables you to control user access to the network (e.g. deny access to pirate video web sites) and ensure service quality (e.g. guarantee bandwidth and Internet speed for premium customers). PortaBilling® provisions subscriber details (username, static IP address) and service configuration details to Sandvine DPI for point-to-point connections. Thus, you can introduce policy enforcement on a per-subscriber basis, filter and shape the network traffic and increase your network security (e.g. detect and block cyber threats and / or unwanted protocols like BitTorrent).

Optus mobile core provisioning via ECConnect EAP

ECConnect EAP is the provisioning solution for MVNOs operating on the Optus network in Australia to provide services both on home networks and on roaming networks around the world. PortaBilling® is integrated with ECConnect EAP to provision SIM card details (OCCID) and subscriber data (IMSI, service configuration and billing status) to the mobile core. Consequently, CSPs interested in becoming an MVNO receive a ready-to-use solution that reduces the time to market their services and be an active player in the telecommunications market.

Invoice data export to SAP Business One ERP

Now you can manage your accounting and financial processes by using PortaBilling® and the SAP Business One ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Your accounting staff manages the customer base in SAP Business One: monitors accounts payable and receivable and performs financial reporting and analysis. PortaBilling® acts as the online charging system, sending invoice report information with data grouped by ledger codes to SAP Business One. Your accounting staff can then produce general ledger reports in SAP so that you can keep your eye on your company’s financial status. To keep data in sync, the systems communicate through middleware. You can develop the middleware to meet your particular business needs.

Service configuration management from within PortaPhone

Now your PortaPhone users can configure call recording, create forwarding lists and browse their own call history from within the app. This saves them from having to log in to PortaBilling® self-care and therefore, it improves their user experience.



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