7 March 2019

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR76)

mr_76_logoPortaOne announces the availability of a new maintenance release, PortaSwitch® MR76.

Highlights in MR76-0

  • Real-time billing for roaming SMSs
  • On the spot conferencing via call control API
  • “Right to be forgotten” implementation
  • Provisioning of Calix 854G / 844G ONTs
  • IP aliasing for the DSBC
  • Switch off old web GUI pages

Real-time billing for roaming SMSs

Prices for roaming service usage depend on the country the user visits. Countries with similar pricing are grouped into roaming zones to simplify the price definitions. Now you can define different prices for an SMS per roaming zone and bill users for roaming SMSs in real-time. When the user sends a message, PortaBilling® uses the number of the serving SMSC to identify the user’s country and the roaming zone it belongs to. Then PortaBilling® selects the corresponding roaming tariff in the product configuration to charge the user.

On the spot conferencing via call control API

With these new API methods, you can develop an app (e.g. the switchboard app) to provide intelligent conferencing services to your business customers. A customer can use the app to turn their active call into a conference call by simply adding more participants. They can join in another conference call and either monitor it as a listener or control the conversation (e.g. talk privately with the host or drop in the call). Thus, customers effectively manage calls and improve communication with their clients and / or colleagues. You can provide conferencing services on any network (IMS or VoIP) and bundle it with other services in your Mobile Centrex solution to meet customer demands.

“Right to be forgotten” implementation

Now you can completely remove customers’ personal data from PortaBilling® immediately upon their termination or within a specified period (e.g. when the limitation period expires or upon the mutual settlement of accounts with the customer). Thereby you respect users’ rights to control their personal data and meet the GDPR “right to be forgotten” requirements. This facilitates your service provisioning to EU customers.

Provisioning of Calix 854G / 844G ONTs

Calix 844G and 854G GigaCenters ONTs (Optical Network Terminal) are the user endpoints in the fiber to the home (FTTH) networks. PortaBilling® now provisions these ONTs in addition to already supported Calix ONTs. This extends the variety of equipment you can offer to your subscribers to access the high-speed Internet services you provide.

IP aliasing for the DSBC

Now administrators can smoothly migrate customers from legacy PortaSIP® environments to the dispatching SBC (DSBC), the single entry point in a site-redundant and / or dual-version PortaSwitch®. The administrator just adds PortaSIP® IP addresses as aliases to the DSBC. When user phones re-register, the DSBC processes their call initiation and registration requests. This makes the customer migration procedure transparent and eliminates tedious reconfigurations of customer phones.

Switch off old web GUI pages

As of MR75-1 and MR76-0 the functionalities that are fully implemented on the new web GUI are no longer accessible via the old web GUI. In so doing we encourage you to start using new UI only and be familiar with it before its complete switch-off in 2019. We also look forward to your feedback about your experience with the new web GUI.



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